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Operation Thunderbolt (オペレーションサンダーボルト)

Released in 1989

Developer: Taito
Manufacturer: Taito
Distributor: Taito

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Game Summary

Sequel to Operation Wolf.

Hardware Platform

Taito Top Speed

Game Details

The game featured 2 mini-machine gun style controls for optional cooperative play, and each had a side button used to throw grenades. Levels included a jungle river and a military compound. Foot soldiers were the most common enemy, popping out of everywhere and brandishing both guns and knives, but tanks and gunboats were additional dangers. Health bonuses and extra ammo available. Screen generally did a constant slow scroll either to the left or right, depending on the level.

Care had to be taken not to injure freed hostages until they were safely off the screen, especially if you were using grenades. Member Ratings / Comments

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