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Rifle Gallery

Release date unknown

Developer: Chicago Coin
Manufacturer: Chicago Coin
Distributor: Chicago Coin

**** (2 total votes)

Game Summary

This may be a pre-video mechanical Target game. Any idea?

Game Details

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**** by david2097. Comment: "I own Chicago Coin's Apollo Moon Shot Rifle game, haven't been able to find much info. but got an estimated range of 63' to 66' If the Rifle Gallery is anything like it, it's a pretty snazzy little game. Just a beeping sound effect and an enormous amount of wires throughout the thing. One of those things you sit in the corner and use for a conversation piece really." 2001-10-17 23:44:17Z

**** by Phatrat. Comment: "It is actually called Rifle Range and was produced in 1963 by Midway. Game consists of a rifle mounted on front of the machine and moving targets behind a back glass that you the player shoots at. Uses reels for scoring. Midway made several machine like this one ie: Haunted House Gun Game is built on the same platform." 2003-08-21 19:01:38Z

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