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Sinbad 7

Released in 1983

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Game Summary

Maze / Collection game.

Hardware Platform

Konami Scramble hardware

Game Details

We're not sure on this one. Marquee read "Sinbad 7", but the in-game text shows "New Sinbad 7" (small "new" text at top of screen). 4-way joystick (no diagonals), 1 button. By "ATW USA, Inc".

The game had several boards/levels, basically revolving around 2 types:

o A maze-like level ("maze" meaning a pac-man style maze), where you shoot the baddies in order to escape the level by exiting or obtaining some treasure/prize.

o An open space level (no maze walls) where you have to shoot all of the baddies to complete the level. The baddies are in a formation near the top of the screen in a particular shape (e.g. a sailboat), and swoop down and bounce around trying to hit you.

The goal was simply to collect treasure, and/or exit the boards. Member Ratings / Comments

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