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Empire City 1931 (エンパイヤーシティー1931)

Released in 1987

Developer: Taito
Manufacturer: Taito
Distributor: Taito

**** (1 total votes)

Game Summary

First-person gangster-shooting game set during the Prohibition.

Game Details

Scroll your gunsights around a large 2D city, shooting gangsters (and avoiding innocents/hostages). Arrows indicate in which direction gangsters can be found; if you don't shoot them in time, they draw their gun and fire. You can duck (which covers the screen with a giant picture of you looking alarmed) for a few seconds to avoid the gunfire.

Planned conversion for the NES by CSG Imagesoft was cancelled.

Very similar to Dead Angle. Member Ratings / Comments

**** by marminZ80. Comment: "Cool shooter. " 2003-04-23 18:42:49Z

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