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Galaxian3: Project Dragoon (ギャラクシアン3 プロジェクトドラグーン)

Released in 1990

Developer: Namco
Manufacturer: Namco
Distributor: Namco

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Game Summary

Play just once to experience it.

Hardware Platform


Game Details

Close your eyes, and imagine a 6 players sitdown space-shooting sim, where all you can do is to target and shoot. Now imagine two side-by-side projector system that project a 110" screen each side, both perfectly meshed together (depending on how picky the arcade manager is).

Imagine holding a controller that guides the marker anywhere on that screen, that looks very much like the Star Wars gun system, only scaled down, yet giving you feedback each time you shoot (again depending on how well the arcade manager maintains it).

Finally, imagine a full fledged Bose system, including a 6-9 inch subwolfer sandwiched between the 3rd and 4th player, to complete the audio experience.

You got yourself Galaxian 3, cost $3 million dollars each at initial release, only available at Walt Disney World and DisneyLand and one other location in the US before the profilication of Dave & Buster and Gameworks and other entertainment centers around the U.S.

This game is your simple straight-up point and shoot game. With a large amount of enemies, you just plain can't get everything. Ending at 3-5 minutes of play, this is a short, yet very entertaining experience that is not as difficult to consistantly win (especially once you pick up the patterns to the game.) Member Ratings / Comments

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