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Released in 1986

Developer: Nintendo
Manufacturer: Nintendo
Distributor: Nintendo

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Game Summary

Very odd blend of the light-gun game mechanic with a platform game. Gangster themed.

Hardware Platform

Nintendo Vs. System

Game Details

The object of Gumshoe is to protect the on-screen character who continually walks to the right (shades of Crossbow.) As the screen scrolls left-wards, you must shoot away obstacles/dangers, gangsters out to kill your guy, etc.

The odd part of the game is the fact that you must control the on-screen character by shooting him! When you shoot him, he jumps, and you have to make him jump over obstacles, up stairs, etc.

The game is more engrossing than the other concurrent Vs. lightgun games (Wild Gunman, Hogan's Alley, Duck Hunt).

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