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Kizuna Encounter Super Tag Battle (風雲スーパータッグバトル)

Released in 1996

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Game Summary

Kizuna Encounter is a 1996 competitive fighting game produced by SNK for the Neo Geo arcade and home platform. It is the sequel to Savage Reign.

Hardware Platform


Game Details

The Kizuna Encounter fighting system is similar to the Real Bout Fatal Fury fighting system. Notable additions include the tag system, in which players have the ability to switch characters in-game by pressing the tag button while standing in their team's tag area. If a player loses one character, regardless of their other character's vitality, they lose the match. A roll system similar to the one used in The King of Fighters is also present in Kizuna Encounter as well.

Also known as Fū'un Super Tag Battle (Japanese: 風雲スーパータッグバトル, Hepburn: Fū'un Sūpā Taggu Batoru, lit. "Wind and Cloud Super Tag Battle") in Japan. Member Ratings / Comments

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