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Super Mario Bros. (スーパーマリオブラザーズ)

Released in 1986

Developer: Nintendo
Manufacturer: Nintendo
Distributor: Nintendo

****.5 (3 total votes)

Game Summary

Mario and Luigi stamp out the evil Koopas through 8 levels to kill the Koopa King and save the Princess.

Hardware Platform

Nintendo Vs. System

Game Details

No info. Member Ratings / Comments

***** by kk. Comment: "Started the platform scrolling jumping sensation... Still one of the best of the lot, though there's been some innovation with, say, Wario 3 on the gameboy." 2000-08-02 00:02:32Z

***** by POPEYE20. Comment: "Instant classic! The 2 plummers from brooklin, Mario and Luigi battle their way through 8 stages to fight the evil King Koopa to save the Princess." 2002-01-23 18:12:06Z

**** by BaABnG. Comment: "This game was fantastic to play. I wasted many a college quarter playing this. Of course, the Nintendo version with the too many freebies made me unhappy, but the original coin op game was fantastic." 2005-10-10 17:41:18Z

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