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Super Off Road (スーパーオフロード)

Released in 1989

Developer: LeLand
Manufacturer: LeLand
Distributor: LeLand

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Game Summary

A head to head driving game with up to three simultaneous players.

Game Details

Ivan Stewart's Super Off Road Racing's aim is simple: to come out as the best off-road driver in a series of stadium-based off road races. Four drivers, up to three of which can be controlled by humans, compete over a series of eight tracks - and each track is raced both clockwise and counter-clockwise, giving 16 race configurations. Collect as much prize money as possible to upgrade your truck with goodies. To continue winning you will definitely need a machine decked out in all the accessories. Money is gained by winning races as well as being collected during races as bags of dollars appear on the track every so often.

Controls: (3) Steering Wheels; (6) Nitro Buttons (2 for each player allowing for right or left handed play); (3) Gas Pedals Member Ratings / Comments

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