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Legend of Kage, The

Released in 1985

Developer: Taito
Manufacturer: Taito
Distributor: Taito

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Game Summary

Action/Adventure game set in ancient feudal Japan.

Game Details

You are a Ninja warrior whose wife is kidnapped by an underground ninja ring. You have an ultimate suply of ninja stars. There are three stages and three sub levels. The first level for all the stages is in the forest followed by the basement of a castle and on in the castle where you finds his tied up wife.

You save your wife but as you retreat she is abducted again and the frist of three main bossess appear. The first boss on the green forest stage is a red flying hermet that spits fireballs. The second stage is at the autumn forest and the boss is a guy with a large samurai that fences with you. The last boss is a flying lady with two samurais on the winter stage.

Along the way you will encounter powerups like balls that increase the size of your ninja star and make you invincible, etc. Member Ratings / Comments

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