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Truxton (Tatsujin)

Released in 1988

***** (2 total votes)

Game Summary

One in a series of Toaplan space shoot'em-up games.

Game Details

You are the "Tatsujin", the professional, that will save something from a lot of aliens and space-insects for some reason. You shoot your way through bosses and swarms over 8 different asteroids of various colours. Good graphics, intense action. The Sequel to this game is Tatsujin 2. Member Ratings / Comments

***** by BIHamilton. Comment: "What a game. The first vertical scrolling shooter that got me hooked in the local arcade. First time you play it you get beaten soundly in the first minute but you always think that there is a better way to do something. Trial and error results in you knowing exactly when to sit in the middle of the screen doing nothing as enemies and bullets fly all around you leaving you unscathed and basking in the admiration of watchers-on. The three weapon system, red, green and blue is genius, not switching at the correct time causes certain death. Anyone who got as far as the lattice section without three beam blue weapon was doomed. The hardest shoot-em up I've ever played with non-stop action. When you defeat a boss the screen just keeps on scrolling until the next batch of enemies appear. The only home system I have played it on is the Megadrive and that version seemed to lack pace and the precision of movement that was required in the coin-op. A truly outstanding game. The first game I look for whenever I go into a new arcade." 2003-08-15 10:47:20Z

***** by simonbriggs. Comment: "I totally agree with BIHamilton! Try the Shark emulator, this is a fantastic true-to-form conversion. I haven’t noticed any differences: everything seems to be exactly as it was in the arcade. The great thing about this game is that even if you loose all the power ups and speed, the three bombs you are given provide enough cover to enable you to progress, although having lasers certainly helped against a lot of enemies. We called the ‘lattice’ section the ‘bomb factory’ since you should be able to come out of it with a full compliment of ten bombs. " 2004-01-29 06:30:34Z

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