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Vs. Excitebike (エキサイトバイク)

Released in 1987

Developer: Nintendo
Manufacturer: Nintendo
Distributor: Nintendo

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Game Summary

Compete in motorcross circuit with either 3 computer bikes, other human racers or a combination of human and computer opponents. Winners advance to more difficult courses.

Hardware Platform

Nintendo Vs. System

Game Details

The object of vs. Excitebike is to guide your motorcycle over four laps on a four lane motorcross track and defeat your three opponents in the process. Units could be interconnected to allow for all competitors to be human. The game also allowed for computer opponents if paying humans were not available.

Gameplay occurred on a horizontal scolling screen with your bike in the center of the screen. In the multi-player situation, each active screen would scroll at the pace of the associated rider. There were no turns in the course, which made it difficult to visualize how four laps could occur. But it was 1987, the game was fun to play, and we didn't care.

The controls were simple. There was a joystick, and an accelerator button. Up/down on the joystick controlled the changing of lanes while the rider was on the ground. Left/right controlled the angle of the bike while the rider was airborne. The angle of the landing had to be controlled to avoid crashing. The accelerator also acted as a brake when not pressed.

The courses were laden with jumps of all sizes, bumps, and mudholes. The terrain became increasingly more treacherous as you progressed through the courses. At the end of each round, a prize ceromony took place. The top three riders mounted a three tiered platform. The winner received a trophy and was kissed by the cyber-babe. The fourth racer was left to kick his helmet and was not taken to the next race. Member Ratings / Comments

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