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Alien vs. Predator (エイリアンvsプレデター)

Released in 1993

Developer: Capcom
Manufacturer: Capcom
Distributor: Capcom

***  (1 total votes)

Game Summary

Humans and Predators team up in Final Fight style to vanquish the necronom aliens that have invaded earth.

Hardware Platform

CP System II (CPS2)

Game Details

The unthinkable has happened the aliens have invaded What looks like New York City and mankind is fighting a losing battle suddnely the leathal Preadators show up and offer a hand in the battle.

Walk-along beat em up. 4 players to select from ; a Cyborg Commando, a soldier-esque femme sharpshooter, and two predators. The humans and predators team up to fight the alien menace; it gives the predators something to hunt and the human race somewhere to live. Each player has its special abilities and ranged weapons, and there is a bonus-type level.

Players can knock enemies toward one another to provide for "juggling"-type moves.

Try using a "down-up, attack button" (Flash-Kick) type move, each character has a special attack triggered by this move. Member Ratings / Comments

***  by looshkin2000. Comment: "Quite simply, this game was Final Fight with Predators. Was quite good fun but let down by the fact if you played as a Predator you could walk through it really easily. Played it in Disneyland and completed it with two credits. But it was really cool to fight Aliens with a Predator." 2004-10-21 13:44:23Z

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