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Battle K-Road (バトルクロード)

Released in 1994

Developer: Jaleco
Manufacturer: Jaleco
Distributor: Jaleco

**** (1 total votes)

Game Summary

Street Fighter clone.

Hardware Platform

Psikyo 1st Generation

Game Details

The controls are the same as Street Fighter, as is the game. Member Ratings / Comments

**** by NDD. Comment: "1,The CHARGE-AND-RELEAE moves To use special moves, you must firstly PRESS and KEEP down the button of heavy kick or punish for about 1 second to charge power, and then release it UP to carry moves out. Combined the button releasing with forward, downward or neutral stick direction, every character has 6 kinds of special moves totally. 2 Moves List All assume enemy is at the right. Also Punish/Kick means CHARGE-and-RELEASE Punish/Kick Stride (all characters): Directions Down->Down Right->Right Special Attack(all characters): Rotation Hand Blade: neutral direction + Punish Downward Right Hand Blade: Down + Punish Armor Slash: in jumping+ Punish Forward Palm: Right + Punish Palm Vibrattion: in catching enemy + Punish Upward Rotation Kick: neutral direction +Kick Downward Rotation Kick: Down + Kick Sky Cut: in jumping+ Kick Double Rotation Kick: Right + Kick Double Kick: in catching enemy +Kick " 2006-01-19 03:47:26Z

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