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Die Hard

Released in 1996

Developer: Sega
Manufacturer: Sega
Distributor: Sega

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Game Summary

Shooter. 3D. Based on a movie.

Hardware Platform

Sega ST-V System

Game Details

Play as a male or female cop, or team up with a friend to rescue the daughter of someone "important". Land by helicopter on the roof of the skyscraper where she's being held -- you are immediately under fire from the bad guys and your ride home is destroyed. It's up to you to fight your way to the big boss and use anything you can get your hands on as a weapon on the way there!

As far as I know this is an English language version of a Japanese arcade. It was named Die Hard so it would appeal to fans of the movie. The game only loosely has links -- there's a tall building and you're a lone cop (unless you play with a friend of course) trying to kick some bad guys' asses. 3D polygon game with fairly basic moves where you can punch, kick, jump and use objects against the various villains. As you work your way through the building there are cut scenes with the big boss on his mobile spitting out his demands etc. and also sequences which require you to punch, jump, duck etc. at the right time to get a bonus.

Keep smacking the bad guys till they're down by using whatever combination of kicking and punching suits your mood at the time. If you like the movie then the thought of fighting your way down the building and saving the day will probably appeal to you. Member Ratings / Comments

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