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Final Starforce (ファイナルスターフォース)

Released in 1992

Developer: Tecmo
Manufacturer: Tecmo
Distributor: Tecmo

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Game Summary

Pilot your spaceship, shooting enemy spacecraft and ground targets. Grab the pulsator capsules for extra fire power.

Game Details

Based on Tehkan's 1984 Star Force arcade but with 90's cool graphics and sound theme.


The following are the button configurations for the different Pulsator Capsules:
Fire: Thunder + Homing
Bomb: S-Bomb

Fire: Wide Shot + Missile
Bomb: M-Bomb

Fire: Spraygun + Synch-Fire
Bomb: T-Bomb


Press and hold Start buttons one and two, then power on. The game advances to Test Mode. The crosshatch shows up on the screen for you to adjust the frame size. Press the 1P Start button and the screen displays color bars and the conditions of all DIP switches. Press Start buttons one and two and the screen shows conditions of DIP switches to. Press the 2P Start button to exit the Test Mode. Member Ratings / Comments

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