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Killer Instinct

Released in 1994

Developer: Midway
Manufacturer: Midway
Distributor: Midway

***** (2 total votes)

Game Summary

Ten fighters battle in on-on-one fights in order to face the final boss Eyedol and win the Ultratech Tournament.

Hardware Platform

Midway Killer Instinct

Game Details

Distributed jointly by Midway and Nintendo, developed by Rare.

This successful 2d one-on-one fighter was notable for its innovative combo system (which allowed for long, hyperkinetic combo chains of 40+ hits) and for its impressive rendered graphics.

The Killer Instinct board featured a hard drive, which allowed the developers to add a huge variety of crisp sounds and music, and to add full motion cinematics to the game.

Characters included Riptor (a ferocious raptor), Jago (a Tibetan warrior monk), Orchid (a seductive female spy), and others. Member Ratings / Comments

***** by jeffczerniak. Comment: "definitly one of the best 1 on 1 beat 'em ups on the planet surpassed only by tekken 3 but not by much the first game to incorporate its unique combo system of bonus hits and ulta combos which when initiated hit the oponent about 20 times " 2001-05-18 10:58:02Z

***** by StinkyBohoon. Comment: "I have been playing this coin-op everyday as is it is the student union here at SMSU, and I have never gotten so "into" a game before. There is so much to do with it: cool moves, combos, and finishing moves (you can make your dying opponent dance to funk music!). Play this anytime you have a chance." 2001-11-07 20:38:19Z

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