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Marvel Vs. Capcom

Released in 1997

Developer: Capcom
Manufacturer: Capcom
Distributor: Capcom

**** (2 total votes)

Game Summary

The 5th game by Capcom to utilize their insanely popular Xmen fighting game engine. Players select 2 characters out of a possible 15 (plus 5 hidden) and battle it out.

Hardware Platform

Capcom System 2

Game Details

A small, yet powerful step forward to the orignal genre, Marvel v. Capcom features various Capcom characters (Megaman, Captain Commando, and some of the DarkStalkers/Street Fighter characters) squaring off against various Marvel liscened comic characters in a tag teaming fighting fest.

Yet another game in Capcom's long running Street Fighter series, this game uses basically the same formula as the other games in the series, and is especially similar to the previous Vs. games (X-Men Vs. Street Fighter, and Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter)

Notable entries into the roster of selectable characters include Mega Man, Strider Hiryu, Ryu, Captain Commando, Chun Li, Venom, Spiderman, Captain America, and Jin. Regardless of who you pick, you will eventually face Onslaught as the final boss.

Uses CPS 2 Hardware. Member Ratings / Comments

**** by akuma_slamma. Comment: "This game was like the kingdom hearts of its day, fusing comic/cartoon characters with classic arcade characters. Just like kingdom hearts. The gameplay was extreamly difficult but it was attractive to look at and I loved it!! If you loved the alpha series then your going to love this game. It is a must for all nostalgic classic gamers and comic fans alike." 2003-02-26 12:20:51Z

**** by pbicker. Comment: "i thorugh this game was good because it had most of the street fighter carecters and had some othner capcom fighters including ryu " 2003-11-20 05:40:03Z

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