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Metal Slug 2

Released in 1998

Developer: SNK
Manufacturer: SNK
Distributor: SNK

***** (3 total votes)

Metal Slug 2 marquee
game marquee

Game Summary

The sequel to the popular all-out shooting side scroller.

Hardware Info

Controls: 1 Joystick / Button(s)
Horizontal-mounted Raster monitor
320 x 244 Resolution
Colors: 4096 Color

Additional Hardware Info (from Mame)

68000 cpu @ 12 Mhz
Z80 cpu @ 6 Mhz
YM-2610 audio @ 8 Mhz

Hardware Platform


Mame ROMs

mslug2, Metal Slug 2 - Super Vehicle-001/II

Game Details

Several upgrades and improvements have been made to this new version of Metal Slug. There are two new characters, both female. There are six new missions, vividly illustrated, which take place in locations like the Middle East, Asia, and even underwater. There are four new slugs, or armored tanks, to use against the enemy: Metal Slug, Slug Flyer, Camel Slug, and SlugNoid.

There are also more special weapons including a rocket launcher and a flame shot.

Another new feature is that when your character eats too much food, he or she becomes bloated and sluggish and you have to find some diet food to return to normal.

Metal Slug 2 control panel
control panel

Metal Slug 2 title screen
title screen
Metal Slug 2 gameplay screen shot
gameplay screen
Metal Slug 2 promotional flyer
promotional flyer Member Ratings / Comments

***** by scoot8787. Comment: "I think metal slug is agreat game. i played it on a ferry and i put alot of money into that game." 2001-07-12 14:46:37Z

***** by Fiend. Comment: "I'm upset nowadays for not having inserted more quarters in this kinda games! Now they're dying slowly... I hope to avenge their place soon... :)" 2004-03-02 06:43:40Z

***** by noxdex. Comment: "sssssssssssuuuuuuuupppeeerrrrrrr" 2005-05-27 03:57:57Z

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