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Nintendo Super System Cabinet

Released in 1991

Developer: Nintendo
Manufacturer: Nintendo
Distributor: Nintendo

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Game Summary

A SNES/Super Famicom update on the Play-Choice 10 concept.

Game Details

Play-Choice/Play-Choice 10 had been a huge (surprise) hit for Nintendo, and allowed Nintendo to get customers to pay to try new NES games. (Super Mario Bros. 3 was available first as a PC10 title, and was a massive success. Combined with the movie "Wizard", it proved kids were willing to pay for advertising.)

In prepaation for the release of the Super NES in America, Nintendo came out with an arcade version- Nintendo Super System, loaded originally with F-Zero, Super Mario World, and another title. To get kids used to the concept of "shoulder buttons" on the home system game pads, the NSS did not feature joysticks, but joypads. Oversize joypads that jutted out above the control console (just like a SNES demo unit)...

Unlike the PC10, the NSS utterly failed. Nintendo offered additional games (including NCAA Basketball) for arcade owners for a short time, but NSS soon faded away. Member Ratings / Comments

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