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Numan Athletics

Released in 1993

Developer: Namco
Manufacturer: Namco
Distributor: Namco

**** (2 total votes)

Game Summary

Track and Field type button-slapper.

Hardware Platform

Namco NA-2

Game Details

Numan Athletics was a TOP track and field style button basher. It was set in the future, with four different characters to play as. These included your typical slow but strong bloke, and your small but quick girlie. It featured events such as non-stop rock chop, train stop, ultimate hop-step-jump and loads of others I cannot remember. If you ever see this machine I recommended you stick a quid in as it is great. Member Ratings / Comments

**** by bleu. Comment: "This excedingly rare game is one of the best button smasher games to come out of the early 90's. The true genious of the game is compeating against the other players as it is direct head to head of up to 4 players. " 2002-09-05 15:31:44Z

**** by MonteCristo142. Comment: "I spent many a lunch break with this particular game, and can remember most of the events. There was the classic "sprint," an interceptor event where you shoot down incoming missles from a battleship, a monster shoot, the train stop, missile toss, building vault, non-stop rock chop, and the triple jump over a waterfall. All the fun of track and field with a better premise. I miss it so." 2003-10-18 23:52:48Z

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