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Punky Doodle

Released in 1993

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Game Summary

A PacMan-style game where Punky Doodle and his brother Curly Doodle defend the pumpkin patch against enemy monsters by drawing magic doodles using magic markers.

Game Details

Punky Doodle was conceived by David Siller in 1980 and developed in 1993. Similar in concept to PacMan, the game consisted of 31 levels, each pertaining to a day in the month of October. Each level had 4 rounds plus a Bonus or Boss round, depending on the level. Each round was an hour on the clock.

The main character, Punky Doodle (or his brother Curly Doodle as Player 2) had to defend the pumpkin patch against evil enemies such as Juggy (a drunk whiskey jug) and Luggy (an animated shiny lugnut). Player 1 would move Punky Doodle around the screen and draw magic doodles using his magic marker. The doodle would eventually be connected to a pumpkin. With the right doodle pattern and good timing, Punky Doodle would launch the pumpkin back down the path of the doodle trail, hopefully hitting monsters along the way. If a monster was hit by the pumpkin, it would be banished from the garden. Once all monsters were banished, the round was complete. Member Ratings / Comments

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