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Raiden Fighters

Released in 1996

Developer: Seibu
Manufacturer: Seibu
Distributor: Seibu

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Game Summary

A very intense action shooter.

Hardware Platform

STI System

Game Details

This game is a feast for the eyes and ears. Detailed graphics give a high degree of realism. Fight through forests, a frozen wasteland, a railyard, and even in a thunderstorm! A high-energy techno soundtrack accompanies this fast action game.

Battle through 7 intense stages of shoot-em-up mayhem! Included in your arsenal is a variety of lasers, missiles, and bombs. You can also pick up up to two drone planes for added firepower.

Select from 5 different planes, plus two secret ships. Each of the 5 standard planes has missile and laser secondary weapons. Each weapon can be charged by holding down the fire button and releasing it, unleashing a powerful charge attack. The two secret ships are cameo appearances from other Seibu shooters. The first one, the Raiden Mk-II, comes from the original Raiden series. Its weaponry includes homing missiles and the ever-famous purple plasma laser. It's the slowest ship despite it having thrusters. The second ship, the Judge Spear, comes from the Raiden spin-off, Viper Phase 1. This ship is blessed with super speed and comes with a vulcan cannon and powerful napalm missiles. Both the Judge Spear and Raiden Mk-II can use missile and laser weapons at the same time. In effect, these two ships require 8 power-ups (4 missile, 4 laser) to fully power-up. They even have their original bombs. Member Ratings / Comments

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