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Samurai Showdown 3: Blades of Blood

Released in 1995

Developer: SNK
Manufacturer: SNK
Distributor: SNK

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Game Summary

One or two player fighting game with various weapons. Series known as "Samurai Spirits" in Japan.

Hardware Platform


Game Details

Blades of Blood is the third installment in the popular Samurai Showdown series. New characters were added (including Amakusa, the boss from the first was now playable), some old removed, along with all sorts of new features added. Each character had two versions, a good and an evil (know as Slash and Bust) with differing moves for each. Plus Auto guard and a better use of the buttons were also incorporated. A = light slash, B = medium slash, C = hard slash, and D = kick. For Neo Geo MVS system. Member Ratings / Comments

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