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Tattoo Assassins (タトゥーアサシン)

Released in 1994

Developer: Data East
Manufacturer: Data East
Distributor: Data East

**.5  (2 total votes)

Game Summary

There are believed to be only four of this machine in existence.

Hardware Platform

Data East ARM6

Game Details

Tattoo Assassins was intended as a knock-off of MK2 to make a quick buck for an ailing company. The project was underfunded, undertechnologified,and overmanaged, and eventually failed. The hardware was the same as Night Stalkers, with more ROM capacity. Member Ratings / Comments

*    by dpkalvan. Comment: "Any game with over 200 fatalities has got to better than mortal kombat series, time killers, bloodstorm,wu tang shaolin style and thrill kill put together!!!!!!! Unfortunately,I was too young to play it but I wish someone knew where the last 4 arcades of the game are so I could buy it. Or perhaps create a mame emulator to download. I remember that it was originally coming out on Saturn but of course never did. " 2000-09-18 02:43:09Z

**** by AncientGamer. Comment: " I was lucky enough to get to play this rare game at a local arcade in the mid 90's in the Dc/Maryland suburbs called simply "University" Arcade (was on University Blvd).The machine was being played a lot by the owners more then the customers but I squeezed in a game before I got moved along by the the owners who were looking at me impatiently.I dont remember what the cabinet looked like I dont think it was the offical one but it did have the correct plaque across the top.I think I won two rounds before I died.I remember the prism guy the most I think he was the last boss or something.The next time I went back the machine wasnt there.A lot of defunct games lurked in the back of the place I always wondered what happened to it.The last time I went down University Blvd the place was gone so I guess I will never know now.The game did not seem like a test unit but maybe it was.Anyway it was cheesy but fun to play.If I had known the moves I might have gone back to play it more." 2004-02-12 21:17:42Z

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