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Time Killers

Released in 1992

Developer: Strata
Manufacturer: Strata
Distributor: Strata

**** (1 total votes)

Game Summary

A fighting game which includes 8 characters from different time periods.

Hardware Platform

Incredible Technologies 32-Bit

Game Details

The game begins in the hall of time where the eight warriors are chosen to do battle to the death. Once a single warrior has succesfully destroyed all other opponents, there will be a final battle for the prize of immortality. This game includes decapitations of arms, legs, heads, and sometimes if a good combo arises, down to the core.

Violence levels can be changed by the dip switches on the PCB. Member Ratings / Comments

**** by Kruvczuk. Comment: "How can you not love a game where you get to chop the head, or limbs off of your opponents, and see the blood splatter on the ground as you do. It does not reach the play speed and control of a SF2 Turbo, but the blood and guts make it a lot of fun to play. Matthew Kruvczuk" 2004-09-16 11:03:44Z

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