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NFL Blitz '99

Released in 1998

Developer: Midway
Manufacturer: Midway
Distributor: Midway

***** (1 total votes)

Game Summary

Action-oriented 7-on-7 football. A.k.a. NFL Blitz '99.

Game Details

Midway's sequel to the original Blitz features four-player action, new plays, a play creator, improved graphics, new animations and sound bites, updated rosters, and the "on fire" gameplay feature that was supposed to have been in the original (as in Jam and Hangtime, a player is "on fire" when they do impressive things over and over--in this case, three consecutive passes to the same reciever or three sacks).

The most notable addition to Blitz 99, however, is the Nintendo 64 memory cart slot on the side of the machine. Players who own the home game can create plays with the N64 version, save them to a memory pack, and then upload the plays to their local arcade machine. Once uploaded, the plays are stored in the machine's internal memory. This is the first arcade machine to allow importing of home game console data. Available in 25" and 39" configurations, as well as a kit. Member Ratings / Comments

***** by merccat. Comment: "Terribly fun and addictive game! I'm not really a fan of sports genera games, nor am I a football fan, but I can't stop playing this game. As far as resolution goes... by default it runs in Med Res mode, although it has a total of 4 different resolutions it is capable of running in (two standard, two medium)" 2005-08-11 19:43:43Z

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