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Tatsujin (Truxton)

Released in 1988

***** (1 total votes)

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See Truxton.

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See Truxton. Member Ratings / Comments

***** by simonbriggs. Comment: "this game is an all time great! if you like vertical shooters then this must be tried. a lot of people consider this a tough game, or maybe even boring, however it has solid graphics, sound and most importantly game play. there is a consistency about the way the whole game is put together; from simply the ability to distinguish enemy fire from background graphics to the hit registration of your space ship - no dodgy bounding box that means you get blown up by a shot that is no where near your ship. i haven't found an arcade machine that still has this on so if you find one, please post it here. in the meantime, i would recommend the 'Shark' emulator since this is the best conversion i've played. enjoy!" 2004-01-27 06:14:45Z

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