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Released in 1983

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Game Summary

Move from lever to lever to collect the flowers.

Additional Hardware Info (from Mame)

Z80 cpu @ 3 Mhz
AY-8910 audio @ 1 Mhz

Hardware Platform

Galaxian hardware

Mame ROMs

levers, Levers

Game Details

You are trying to collect flowers on a gameboard with lots of levers. You can jump up, you can move from left to right, and you can jump down.

Watch out for balls of various sizes. If you get hit by one you will drop to the next lever below you, or to your death, if there are no other levers below you. Doubly to be avoided are spiked balls, which mean instant death with contact.

When a ball hits the raised end of a lever, the lever tilts. If you're on the lower end, you will be propelled up to a higher lever.

While collecting flowers, dragonflies will pop up from time to time and steal the flowers. Touch the dragonfly to remove it from the screen. The best time to take the flowers is when they are totally blossomed.

Point values are as follows:

Early growth flowers...10 x wave number
Mid-growth flowers.....20 x wave number
Removing a dragonfly...50 x wave number
Fully grown flowers...100 x wave number

There are many extra lives to be had in this game. Extra lives are awarded at 10,000, 25,000, 50,000, 100,000, 250,000, and every 500,000 points thereafter.

Levers title screen
title screen
Levers gameplay screen shot
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