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Meikyu Jima

Released in 1988

***** (1 total votes)

Game Summary

developed by NANAO CORP. (?) manufactured by IREM (?) distributed by IREM (?) Genre: Puzzle Display: 384x256@55 Screen orientation: horizontal

Additional Hardware Info (from Mame)

Z80 cpu @ 3 Mhz
Z80 cpu @ 3 Mhz
YM-2151 audio @ 3 Mhz
DAC audio

Hardware Platform

Irem M72

Mame ROMs

kikcubic, Meikyu Jima (Japan)

Game Details

Did you ever wish you were a small baby with headphones? You could in this game! You are "KICKLE", a brave baby solving 40 game levels. In every 10th level awaits you a boss, in the rest of the levels you have to take 3 purses "YUMEBUKURO".

They are usually in separated parts of level, behind holes, barriers, and guarded by different monsters. Some of levels are a piece of cake (and full of cakes, choc-ices, ice-cream, and more), you only need to shoot a few "WATTS" - turning them into ICE CUBES, and than shoot these cubes into holes to make your path to the purses.

Then you will have to handle more intelligent opponents like "KOKEKKO" (can kick cubes oo), "PENKO", "BAKETAN" (after shot it will turn into fake cube), "ONIHAN" (uses shield and melds cubes), "PON" (the bomb) and "GIAS" (the fastest and mightest). Not only handle in terms of avoiding them, but sometimes you will force them to help you to do things you could not do.

This game will turn your brain into hot soup of neurons in later levels, thinking maybe hours about the right way to solve it.

The gameplay is really a very precious gem. Thank HIROYA KITA for designing it with help of "obstaclers" GOMASURI, KAZUCHAN JR9CLE, BOOK BRIDGE and MAMA SUGAKO.

Graphics are very nice, probably a bit childish, but I love this work of MANCHAN, KAME YAMAZAKI, KIYOSHI WATAYA and MIKI HIRAGA.

Sounds are done by FAN, NORIBOZ and SCLAP.

And the whole thing has been preciously programmed by KENJI NISHI (total director), MOICHI MATSUMOTO (leader), YUKIYA KIDANI, MITSUYA KITAMURA and YOSHINORI TANAKA.

This game will be surely immortal for many people, pure *MUST-SEE* game. So, what are you waiting for ? Get it and love it.

Verdict: Meikyu Jima is one of the BEST EVER made puzzle games.

Meikyu Jima title screen
title screen
Meikyu Jima gameplay screen shot
gameplay screen Member Ratings / Comments

***** by PedX. Comment: "BEST action puzzle game I ever played, drive me really nuts in last levels. I feel really keen, that I finished it." 2001-03-25 13:13:18Z

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