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Paint Roller

Released in 1981

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Game Summary

Paint the paths of the maze in this Pac-Man clone. Same as "Make Trax" and "Crush Roller."

Hardware Platform

PacMan hardware

Game Details

A terrific twist on Pac-Man in which you control a paint brush trying to completely paint a maze. The maze now has some 3-d ramps that make it more challenging than the standard Pac-Man configuration.

Creatures still chase you, but you can "eat" them by rolling over them with one of the centrally placed rollers. The rollers also give you a speed up between the ends of a segment of the maze.

After you spend some time in a level, a creature will appear who will mess up your paint job. He’s highly annoying, but you can run right over him.

Once you complete one level, the paint color changes, as do the creatures.

This is the USA title for the Japanese game Crush Roller.

  • Published for Neo Geo Pocket Color by SNK as "Crush Roller". Member Ratings / Comments

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