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Dark Silhouette: Silent Scope 2

Released in 2000

***** (1 total votes)

Game Summary

Sniper shooting with Silent Scope technology, a small LCD screen displayed through the rifle. Entitled "Fatal Judgment" in the U.K.

Game Details

In order to achieve success, the player must use the close-up 'scope' view in combination with the main 'far away' view displayed on the screen itself to locate, target and dispatch enemies.

Enemies are mostly far away and hard to spot, meaning the scope must be used effectively. They also attack in complicated sequences.

There are several modes of play, the central of which is story mode, which takes real skill and dedication to complete.

Super sharp shooters take note: Fatal Judgement/Dark Silhouette/Silent Scope 2 is fully enabled to take part in Konami Internet Challenge Tournaments - U.K., North America Member Ratings / Comments

***** by cyanyde316. Comment: "This game is way better than the first one. I play this game a lot of the time I'm in the arcade. It's brand of ingenuity, and the Sniper rifle on top, make for one of the best arcade games I have ever Played." 2000-08-06 23:38:01Z

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