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Fisherman's Bait: Marlin Challenge

Released in 2000

***** (1 total votes)

Game Summary

Big Game Fishing. Sequel to Konami's Fisherman's Bait - A Bass Challenge.

Game Details

Game features 3 modes of play to appeal to all levels of players: Beginner, All Fish Challenge, and Billfish Challenge. Select your play mode, then cast your line for an exciting big game fish challenge. Varieties of fish include Blue Marlin, Swordfish, Striped Marlin, Sailfish, Tarpon, and many more!

Watch the radar to help you detect where the fish are located. Work on your reel techniques to catch the biggest fish:

  • Pull the reel towards you until the rod mark bends to the max
  • The tension gauge will decrease if you push the reel forward quickly
  • Reel in the line quickly

HOOK THE BIG ONE! BOO-YA! Member Ratings / Comments

***** by catfishprofessor. Comment: "I have a Fisherman's Bait Marlin Challenge, Awsome game nothing better than going out to sea and hooking up with a Marlin,Wahoo,Dorado and others. BEST FISHING VIDEO GAME TO DATE. " 2006-07-18 14:50:09Z

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