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Killer Shark

Released in 1973

****.5 (2 total votes)

Game Summary

Perhaps Sega. Player aims gun at a moving shark to kill it.

Hardware Platform

Sega Mechanical

Game Details

Player aims gun at a moving shark to kill it. When the player shoots the shark, it flails around as if electrocuted (with appropriate sound effects) for a few seconds, before the next shark appears. The game is timed.

The video is created with a series of still slides, or frames of a movie on a wheel. In the inside of the machine, the wheel ratchets around in a circle, timed with a strobe. When you hit the target, it switches over to a different set of images with the shark flailing about bleeding.

Had cameo appearance in movie "Jaws"

Sister game: "Sea Devil" (had manta ray instead of shark, but otherwise identical) Member Ratings / Comments

***** by molesharding. Comment: "i am looking for the complete machine. if u have a chance to sell it or know anyone who has it in good shape please mail me. best would be europe but also overseas is posibble. i will pay good price. just mail me:" 2003-03-12 19:03:14Z

**** by getderrick. Comment: "I saw one of these games today. AMAZING! It is actually an EM, there is no CRT screen, so no resolution, it has a rotating color disk, and a projector bulb. The game advances, and relay click away, and the sounds change according to what happens. You shoot the shark and the score increases, then it gets faster and harder to advance again. There is a timer to make things harder too. Great to see a working old thing like this in my home town. (Perth Western Australia)" 2009-03-28 09:21:36Z

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