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Contribution Guidelines, Copyright, Etc.

If you create an original document, it's yours. You own copyright, and you control it. If someone uses it without your permission, puts it on a CD, that sort of thing, and you don't want it on there, you can file an injunction against them. Usually a threatening letter will stop them. The only time this is not true is if, through an agreement, you give up part or all of those rights.

Copyright is automatic. You don't even really need to put a copyright notice on it. However, it's better if you do, it will make things more clear in the future if you're trying to prove things. It's even better to formally copyright your work, which involves a cost.

If you scan something that you didn't write, such as a Game Operator's Manual, which has a copyright by someone other than you, you do not own that document no matter how much you wish that to be true. You have in no way added anything to the document. What you've done is simply made a copy. You have no ability then to control the distribution. Only the original owner (Williams, Namco, etc) has that power.

If you submit to this site, do so with the understanding that you are contributing to a larger body of work that can be distributed for a fee, without monetary compensation to you. We may at some point in the future distribute this information in an archival CD/DVD format and charge money for that archive. Most likely the charge will be modest and cover costs on equipment and running this website. We will maintain all identifying marks on the documents that you desire. If you do not agree to this policy then do not contribute.

(Information obtained from usenet postings falls outside of this, we believe, and we plan on including whatever we glean from those posts. Usually we will archive the entire post, with header information.)

If you have any questions, contact us through the contact page.

Thanks, Staff