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Dana Colbert 19 SEP 96 info2901.txt Info for the MIL SPEC 2901 Four-Bit Microprocessor Slice --------------------------------------------------------- These seven sheets (which contain info on the operation, as opposed to all of that boring stuff concerning sinking and sourcing of current) are all part of a 46 page document. Although the first page does not contain data which many people would consider to be pertainent, it does contain the DOD approval for public release and unlimited distribution. Please feel free to redistribute all of this information, but only in its entirety. These files are in TIF (Tagged Image File) Format, Version 4.2, using Huffman compression. Filename: 2901data.zip (used Pkzip 2.04g) The zip file size is 534K bytes. Summary of the contents of each page: Page File name Description 1 2901-1.tif Cover page of MIL-M-38510/440C 15 2901-15.tif Pictorial of I.C. pinouts 16 2901-16.tif Logical block diagram of the innards of the I.C. 17 2901-17.tif Truth tables and logic equations 18 2901-18.tif More Truth tables and logic equations 44 2901-44.tif Pin Definitions (functional descriptions) 45 2901-45.tif More Pin Definitions (functional descriptions) End of text