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GTE						G 65 SC 802 / G 65 SC 816

CMOS 8/16-Bit Microprocessor Family

	Advanced CMOS design for low power consumption and increased
	  noise immunity
	Emulation mode for total software compatibility with 6502 designs
	Full 16-bit ALU, Accumulator, Stack Pointer, and Index Registers
	Direct Register for ''zero page'' addressing
	24 addressing modes (including 13 original 6502 modes)
	Wait for Interrupt (WAI) and Stop the Clock (STP) instructions
	  for reduced power consumption and decreased interrupt latency
	91 instructions with 255 opcodes
	Co-Processor (COP) instruction and associated vector
	Powerful Block Move instructions

Features (G65SC802 Only)
	8-Bit Mode with both software and hardware (pin-to-pin) compatibility
	  with 6502 designs (64 KByte memory space)
	Program selectable 16-bit operation
	Choice of external or on-board clock generation

Features (G65SC816 Only)
	Full 16-bit operation with 24 address lines for 16 MByte memory
	Program selectable 8-Bit Mode for 6502 coding compatibility.
	Valid Program Address (VPA) and Valid Data Address (VDA) outputs
	  for dual cache and DMA cycle steal implementation
	Vector Pull (VP) output indicates when interrupt vectors are being
	  fetched. May be used for vectoring/prioritizing interrupts.
	Abort interrupt and associated vector for interrupting any instruction
	  without modifying internal registers
	Memory Lock (ML) for multiprocessor system implementation

General Description

The G65SC802 and G65SC816 are ADV-CMOS (ADVanced CMOS) 16-bit microprocessors
featuring total software compatibility with 8-bit NMOS and CMOS 6500 series
microprocessors. The G65SC802 is pin-to-pin compatible with 8-bit 6502 devices
currently available, while also providing full 16-bit internal operation. The
G65SC816 provides 24 address lines for 16 MByte addressing, while providing
both 8-bit and 16-bit operation.

Each microprocessor contains an Emulation (E) mode for emulating 8-bit NMOS
and CMOS 6500-Series microprocessors. A software switch determines whether the
processor is in the 8-bit ernulation mode or in the Native 16-bit mode.
This allows existing 8-bit system designs to use the many powerful features of
the G65SC802 and G65SC816.

The G65SC802 and G65SC816 provide the system engineer with many powerful
features and options. A 16-bit Direct Page Register is provided to augment the
Direct Page addressing mode, and there are separate Program Bank Registers
for 24-bit memory addressing.
Other valuable features Include:
 * An Abort input which can interrupt the current instruction without
   modifying internal registers
 * Valid Data Address (VDA) and Valid Program Address (VPA) outputs which
   facilitate dual cache memory by indicating whether a data or program
   segment is being accessed.
 * Vector modification by simply monitoring the Vector Pull (VP) output.
 * Block Move Instructions

G65SC802 and G65SC816 microprocessors offer the design engineer a new freedom
of design and application, and the many advantages of state-of-the-art
ADV-CMOS technology.

This is advanced information and specifications are subject to change without notice.