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Street Fighter 2 FAQ

Rank Character  Score  %age   Crushes          Crushed by
1)   Guile       71    59.2   Balrog    (10)   Sagat/Ryu      (3)
2)   Sagat       70    58.3   E. Honda   (8)   Blanka         (3)
3)   M. Bison    69    57.5   Balrog     (8)   Guile/Zangief  (4)
4)   Vega        68    56.7   Dhalsim    (9)   Guile/E. Honda (4)
5)   Ryu         67    55.8   Balrog     (9)   Sagat          (3)
6)   Blanka      62    51.7   CL/Dh/Sag  (7)   Balrog         (2)
7)   Dhalsim     61    50.8   Balrog     (9)   Vega           (1)
8)   Ken         58    48.3   Bal/E.H.   (8)   Dha/Veg/Sag    (3)
9)   Zangief     57    47.5   Balrog     (7)   Hon/Gui/Sag    (3)
10)  E. Honda    53    44.2   Balrog     (8)   Ryu/Ken/Gui/Sag(2)
11)  Chun Li     51    42.5   Dha/Bal/Sag(6)   Guile          (2)
12)  Balrog      33    27.5   Blanka     (8)   EVERYONE!

Guile is the most powerful character when matched against all of the
characters.  However, often only a few characters are selected to be
played in a match.  These are the characters which have few enemies.

Blanka is powerful because his natural enemy (Balrog) is seldom played.
Ken, Ryu, and Guile used to be more dominant at UIUC before Sagat players
got better.   

  Of course this is a biased file.  But, this guy has more experience than
most of the people on the net.  I thought it was realistic when I saw it at
first (I play at UIUC).  However, I am working on a HF matchuips file that
is in the process of being compiled.  It should reflect the matchups of
characters here this school, but should be fairly accurate as an overall
guide for the characters.  


02.  I've heard that there is a way to find out many times a character has
     been played on a particular machine.  How is this done?

  On many of the SF2 machines (version doesn't matter), you can put in the
following sequence of moves with the 2-player joystick, while a DEMO fight
is going on: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Strong, and then
Jab.  This displays a couple rows of numbers at the top of the screen.  The
lowest row is how many times each player has been played since the machine
was last reset or turned on.  The numbers follow the character selection
screen in this manner: Ryu, Honda, Blanka, Guile, Ken, Chun, Zang, Dhal,
Balrog, Vega, Sagat, and Bison.  So the 5th number is how many credits have
used Ken as their character to fight with.  I don't know what the other
numbers mean.  On Classic, the last four numbers don't appear.  I have tried
this on the HF machine here, and it didn't work, but it did work when it was
still a CE, so they must have removed it, but here is what the numbers mean
in case you happen to spot them:    

 0001 0002 0003 0004
 0005 0006 0007 0008 0009 0010 0011 0012 0013 0014 0015 0016

0001 - No idea, probably some sort of "experience points" for 1P side.
0002 - The no. of tokens/quarters put in in the left-hand slot.
       => It's not the first player.  I tried inserting into the right-hand
          slot and pressing 1P button.  The number showed up in 004.
0003 - Same as 0001, but for 2nd player.
0004 - Same as 0002, but for right-hand slot.
0005 - No. of times Ryu has been used.
0006 - No. of times Honda has been used.
0007 - No. of times Blanka has been used
0008 - No. of times Guile has been used.
0009 - No. of times Ken has been used.
0010 - No. of times Chun Li has been used.
0011 - No. of times Zangief has been used.
0012 - No. of times Dhalsim has been used.
0013 - No. of times M.Bison (US version) has been used.
0014 - No. of times Sagat has been used.
0015 - No. of times Balrog (US version) has been used.
0016 - No. of times Vega (US version) has been used.

I am not sure about 0001 and 0003, so if anybody has any idea what they are,
please email me.   

It turns out that this an operator adjustable feature, and that will explain
any machines on which this does not work.  


03.  What is the correct method for doing Sagat's Tiger Knee?

  There are two methods that work.  See the moves list for the correct
motion.  Which one you use should be determined by how effectively you can
do it.  I guess neither can be called correct, but I've seen it argued that
the shortest joystick motion should be the _correct_ one.  You decide:

     | \  --O  O  and kick   *OR*     / or | then  O and kick   
     O  O     /                      O     O      /

The SNES SF2:Turbo manual shows the following method, I guess it works for
the SNES, but I don't know about the arcade:

    | \   O  and then kick
    O  O /


04.  How can I do Dhalsim's teleportation move?

  This question has been asked so frequently, that I thought that I should
include it in the FAQ.  The symbol "|" means or.  This is out of my HF
moves guide called moves.hf.graph.   

Teleportation  --O  |  \   and all Kick|Punch
                    O   O  Other side of opponent

               O--  |   /  and all Kick|Punch
                    O  O   Same spot or thereabouts

The SNES SF2:Turbo manual indicates that punches and kicks put you in
locations closer to or further from the opponent, but I don't remeber which
is which.


05.  Can Ken do a Hurricane Kick over Fireballs (from the ground in HF)?

  I had tried and tried this many times months ago.  It NEVER worked.  And
it will never work.  He's not invincible at the beginning of his HK like
Ryu.  He can only HK over Sonic Booms and Yoga Fireballs.  If you have a
problem with this, mail me, and I'll prove it.  Of course, this in CE or
HF.  In Classic, Ken and Ryu cannot HK over Yoga Fireballs and Flames.  And
since I got some stupid comments about how you can do air HK with Ken, I
added the ground thing into the question.   


06.  What do the characters names mean?  Also, what are they saying, and
     what does it mean?

First, the names:
RYU means vigorous or abundant (as in successful).  It's
different from the ryu in shou ryu ken, which means dragon.

KEN means fist or punch.  A lot of people say that Ken means
sword but that's written differently.

CHUN means spring and LI means beautiful.

HONDA is just a common Japanese name.  The E stands for Edmond.

The sayings:
  Dragon punch -- shou ryu ken
    shou:  rising
    ryu:  dragon
    ken:  fist/punch
  Hurricane kick -- tatsu maki sen puu kyaku
    tatsu maki:  tornado
    sen puu:  whirlwind
    kyaku:  leg(s)
    * Some people think that this means dragon kick but this is a
    * mis-translation of the word tatsu maki.  (Tatsu itself means dragon.)
  Fireball -- ha dou ken
    ha:  wave
    dou:  motion
    ken:  fist/punch
    * This is not wave energy punch as EGM claims.

  Torpedo -- dos koi
  * This is a sumo saying that has no real meaning.  It's
  * like the huh! when the characters throw.

  Wind kick/throw -- yap
    * This doesn't mean anything.
  Spinning bird kick -- supiningu baado kikku
    supiningu:  spinning
    baado:  bird
    kikku:  kick
    * This is just spinning bird kick said with a Japanese accent.  I
    * have no idea how EGM decided that she is saying ha dou che.
    * When she wins -- yatta!
    * This is similar to alright!  Literally, it's "[I] did it!"

The other characters speak English so it should be pretty obvious
what they are saying.   

The following is from Bethany Cox (coxb@carleton.edu):
BTW one *teeny-tiny* thing you might want to add to the SF II FAQ under #06,
"What do the characters' names mean?"  You mention that the name "Honda" is
a common Japanese name [which is true enough].  It is in fact written with
the Chinese characters that the Japanese use to mean "origin" and "field"
[pronounced "hon" and "da", resepctively, in this reading].  I'm taking this
from the book "Kanji & Kana", which upon one page literally shows the the
name "Honda" written with these two characters.

So "Honda" literally translates to "orgin in the field" or thereabouts.
It is very common for Japanese names to have translations like this:
"Yamashita" roughly translates to "base of the mountain"; "Tanaka" to
"middle of the field", etc.  Of course, the translations may well have no
more bearing on the individual [there are plenty of people named "Tanaka"
who do not live in the middle of the a field, to be sure] just as the
English names "Smith" & "Glassmaker" have lost their original connotations.


07.  How did Sagat get that HUGE scar on his chest?

He got it from Ryu's Dragon Punch in Street Fighter I.  


08.  What's the deal with the final four character's names?

  Due to legal reasons, the names of the last four computer opponents were
switched around in foreign releases of SF II.  In Japan, M. Bison was meant
to sound like M. Tyson.  Well, when coming over to the US or elsewhere,
Capcom decided to avoid any possible legal troubles with the name and
likeness of Bison and the way (our) Balrog looks.  BTW, Balrog is some
demon from the Tolkien books.  It was some type of demon.  In the SF2 comic
books from overseas, Bison is made to look like a devil!

  M. Bison (boxer)     in Japan, Balrog   elsewhere
  Balrog   (pansy)     in Japan, Vega     elsewhere
  Sagat    (kickboxer) in Japan, Sagat    elsewhere
  Vega     (dictator)  in Japan, M. Bison elsewhere


09.  How is "Ryu" pronounced?

  RYU is most closely pronounced like "Roo."   "Ree-you" or "Rye-you"
are other ways of saying it.  I've been told that the actual pronunciation
is the first, though.  And that would make the other two ways obviously not
correct.  Read the comment below for a little lesson in Japanese.

  The 'r' sound in Japanese doesn't really exist as we say it. It is really
a kinda cross between an r and l.  If you put the tip of your tongue at the
front roof of your mouth and then try to say Ryu all as one syllable then
you will get a "L"-ish sounding "R" sound.  This is the proper way to say
RYU.  I speak Japanese...it's my major.   


10.  When I get dizzy, sometimes there are birds above my character's head,
     and other times, there are stars.  Does this affect the dizziness?

  When a character gets dizzy, either stars or birds appear above his head.
Generally, the bird dizziness lasts a bit longer than the star dizziness...
It's a good way to judge whether you have enough time to run in and land a
combo.  Of course I always try to regardless :) 


11.  I've seen a game where you could do every special move in the air.
     What kind of machine is this?

  It is an illegal "accelerated" version.  They are mainly responsible for
the creation of HF.  They are not as balanced, or as playable as the
official one.  The are notoriously unpopular.   


12.  When will SF3 be released?

  I've only heard a rumor that game creation and programming has begun.
Until I hear official word on this subject, I'd say that nothing has been
started on this game, considering how well SF2 is doing.   
Here is something a bit more concrete:

  Just thought I would pass this along. It is from the latest issue of
_Diehard Gaming Magazine._ They say that SF3 will contain only Ryu and Sagat
from SF2, plus there will be 14 new characters with new special moves, etc.
I'm sure this is very early, so things will probably change, but I thought
all you SF players would get a kick out of it. :-)   

  After reading this on the net, there was another comment that was logical
as well:  It said that this made sense.  Why?  Look at the endings for all
the CE characters.  Everyone of them except Ryu and Sagat have a resolved
ending.  Ryu waits for the next great fight, and Sagat only wishes to
defeat Ryu.  So if Ryu is there, Sagat will be there, too.   

  The latest release date has been put at September 93 as stated in _Replay_
magazine, an arcade industry publication.

  And the latest installment in this saga has SF3 delayed indefinitely since
there were fights amongst the programmers, and hence Capcom is rumored to be
serving up *another* version of SF2 with 4 additional characters as first
leaked waaayyy back in the spring.


13.  In a magazine, I saw that you could fight Sheng Long by getting to
     M. Bison without getting hit by any other characters.  Is this true?

  No, this is pure bull, and the magazine that originally published this
trick did so intentionally, as an April Fool's Joke.  A LOT of people fell
for this one. :)  There are even other magazines that went so far as to
doctor up a picture that made it look like Sheng Long actually existed.


14.  Where or how can I get information about ?

  This is a general answer for a general question.  The newsgroups are often
subject to receiving many requests for move lists or information on how to
do something, or a request for a guide to a certain character.  At the very
end of the FAQ, there is a list of all the files available via anonymous ftp
from a site that the writers hold an account on.  They are in charge of put-
ting new material in the site.  Below is a summary of what you can find.

Movelists for Classic/CE/HF;  Bugs for Classic/CE;
Guides for EVERY character (some are better done than others);
Beginner's help and guides;  Listings of some combos;
How to throw and counterthrow effectively;
Archaic info about Ryu's belt, the background signs, etc;
Stuff about the characters;  tournament rules;
Lots of stuff.

  I don't want to put a list here, because it would be pointless to repeat
the stuff since it is down below.  I just want an earlier mention of it
in the FAQ.   


15.  How can I separate SF2 rumors from truths on the net?

  Alt.games.sf2 and rec.games.video.arcade is awash with people full of
shit.  If someone posts using the following phrases/words, you can have your

  "A friend of mine", "A friend of a friend", "My brother's friend", etc.
  "credible", "reliable", etc. to describe the above.  "I didn't see it
  myself, but", "I wasn't there but", "I wasn't really paying attention,
  but", "Out of the corner of my eye", etc.  "secret move", "secret screen",
  "secret character", etc.  "secret"

  Generally, the less people reporting something *and* the less details
given, the greater the chance it's bullshit.  Likewise, the more people
agreeing on something *and* giving specifics, the more credible.  But you
should always question whatever you read, *especially* when reading


16.  I want to post about Street Fighter II to the net, is there any
     etiquette that I should observe?

  Please post to alt.games.sf2 (the devoted Streetfighter newsgroup) if your
site carries it in order to keep bandwidth down.

  If you post to rec.games.video.arcade, please put "SF2" or "Street Fighter
2" or something thereof in your subject header.  As hard as it may be to
believe, there really *are* people who do not want to have anything to do
with Streetfighter II.  Please respect that, so they can kill SF2 posts.
(And likewise, SF2 fans could mark *only* SF2 posts.)

  If you've heard a neat, unconfirmed trick, don't pass it off as truth.
Let everyone know that this *is* a rumor.  Otherwise, you'll find people
quick to flame, and you probably deserve each and every flame that comes
your way.  ;-)   

  READ THIS!  Since there are now 4 versions of the game, it makes sense to
include an inkling of which game you speak of.  So include HF, CE, Classic,
or SNES in your subject header.  Without this (unless what you are talking
about is obvious) you may get misleading information.  In other words, it is
correct, but for the wrong game.  Thanks, Ming.   


17.  I see all these abbreviations used, what do they mean?

  Here are the most common abbreviations used when talking about a certain
character's moves and whatnot.  When the abbreviations are used, the
character in question is usual mentioned.

  DP  Dragon Punch    HK  Hurricane Kick
  FB  Fireball    TU  Tiger Uppercut
  TK  Tiger Knee    WK  Whirlwind Kick
  LL  Lightning Leg   HHS Hundred Hand Slap
  TAP Turn Around Punch RC  Rolling Claw
  SB  Sonic Boom    RK/FK Razor Kick/Flash Kick
  SPD Spinning Pile Driver  SL  Spinning Lariat
  SSL Super Spinning Lariat SF2 Street Fighter 2
  CE  Champion Edition  HF  Hyper Fighting
  TOD Touch of Death    SNES  Super Nintendo
  SG  Sega Genesis

  Here are some common abbreviations used when making comments about some-
thing.  They are used for short phrases, etc.

  BTW By the way    IMO   In my opinion
  a.g.sf2 alt.games.sf2   r.g.v.a rec.games.video.arcade
  IMHO  In my honest/humble opinion
  FTP File Transfer Protocol
  MMSF  Modern Museum of Street Fighter (a person)

  I'm sure that there are others, and I don't know all of them, but if you
see one you don't know, try to match it with the context of the rest of
text, and guess at it's meaning.   


18.  What about move lists/FAQs for other video games?

  I happen to gather all these from the Net.  I have the FAQ or move lists
or whatever you want to call it for the games listed below...  None of this
stuff is my own work, so if I remembered to leave it on the original file,
the person who wrote it gets credit, not me.   

Art of Fighting
Fatal Fury
Fatal Fury 2
Mortal Kombat
NBA Jams
Sega CD
Sega Genesis
Terminator 2
Time Killers
World Heroes

** Technical Play and Strategy Questions **

01.  I see the word combo (combination) used all the time.  What is it?

  A combination (combo) is a series of moves that, under most conditions, is
un-blockable after the first move connects.  Please note that I said _most_
conditions.  There is always some crack-pot situation where nearly every
combo fails, and lots of 'combos' don't actually work when your opponent's
not in the corner.  Nevertheless, this is a general (if loose) definition.
The simplest combo is 'jab + jab + jabjabjabjab.'  It fits the definition,
but that is not type of combo that this guide will concern itself with.
Rather, this guide is concerned with the BIG combos, the combos that involve
special moves and that maximize the penalty for your opponent's mistakes.

Combos almost always follow pattern below...


The jumping attack + ground attack isn't too impressive, even the computer
can pull them off.  What defines something as a combo is what comes after
the second hit.  So let's go through step by step, and look at the execution
of a combo:

FIRST HIT: Jumping attack
The way combos work is that you're hitting your opponent with a new blow
before they can recover from the first one.  So, the first thing you want
to make sure of is that your jumping attack hit's your opponent _late_.
That way, you have time to hit the ground and start your next move before
they recover from the first blow.  Think of it as aiming for your opponent's
chest or stomach instead of his head.  If the 2nd blow of your combos is
getting blocked, you're probably hitting too high.

What happens next in dependent on what type of combo you're doing.  If you
are 2nd hit is a jab or short, you have no problems.  Hit the jab/short,
then do your special attack (3rd hit) as quickly as you can.  End of combo.

BUT, if you're playing the right character, and you want to do a bit of
extra damage, you're going to have to buffer the special attack.

By: T. Cannon           Feel free to repost, so long as this document is not
copyright 1993          altered in any way.  Send comments, suggestions, and
                        corrections to inkblot@leland.stanford.edu


02.  What is meant by buffering a move?

  A 'buffered' move is a move executed _while_ the move before it (always a
'normal' hit) is still going on.  When you finish the special technique, the
animation of the normal attack is cut short, and the special attack
immediately begins.  Because of this, the two blows happen one right after
the other with very little pause.  This is why combos work.  There are two
ways to buffer a move. The 'press-press' technique and the 'press-release'
technique.  I'll use the fierce + fierce dragon punch combo to illustrate
each technique:

Press-press buffering is identical to executing a jab + special move combo.
It requires two presses of the button(s).  Do execute this type of buffer-
ing, press your 'normal' attack button, then do a special technique _right_
after the press.  Pretend like you never hit the first button.  If you're
fast, you'll get the combo.  An example is:

FIERCE + --O   |   \   + FIERCE
               O    O

Note that the motion of the stick isn't started until after the first button
press. If the first button is pressed after the --O , you'll get a throw
instead of a combo.  Also note that only certain attacks can be used as the
lead in of a buffered attack.  A roundhouse at the front end of this combo
just wouldn't work.  In each character guide, I've noted which moves are
'bufferable' in the COMBINATIONS section.

Press fiece and hold it down.  Go ahead.  Got it held?  Good.  Now do the
stick motion for a DP, and RELEASE the button at the end.  If you time it
correctly, you get a DP.  The computer registers every PRESS and RELEASE of
a button as a 'press.'  So, it's possible to do a combo like the one
mentioned above (the triple DP) with just one press of the fierce button.
Here's how it goes...

--O   |  press fierce  \   release fierce
      O                 O

Note that this gives you a crouched fierce + DP combo, where as we got a
_standing_ fierce + DP combo using the press-press method.  With practice,
you can change that press-release to a 'tap.' When you get this good, you
can do triple DPs with one tap of the button, just like a normal DP (only
the tap is timed differently)  IMHO, this is where the confusion on the
triple DP arises.  People can get 3 hits with one tap, so they assume
that they're doing only one move, when in fact they are executing two.

The only real disadvantage to this is that you can only use it with combos
that require the same button for both attacks.  This method would not work
for a crouched strong + flash-kick combo.

So what do you do if you want a fierce + jab DP?  You could use the press-
press method, but I think you'll find the press-release to be easier with
practice.  So, an option here is to use a 'hold-press' method.  In this
technique, you press the first button, HOLD it down, then press the second
button.  An example is shown below.

  --O    |  press and hold fierce  \    press jab
         O                          O

Because you never released the fierce button, only one 'press' was
registered.  If you just tried to press the fierce, the release may trigger
a fierce DP instead of a jab DP.  Even if you prefer the press-press
method, I recommend using this for crouched DP combos.  The press-press
alternative is....

  /   press fierce  --O  |  \     press jab
 O                       O   O

The hold-press method may sound complex, but if you can press-release, you
can hold-press very easily.  The first button press (the 'hold') is timed
exactly the same way as the 'press' in press-release.  The only difference
is that you hold the button down, and hit another button immediately
afterwards.  A good way to get the second press is to think of it as
drumming your fingers.  It can be that fast.  Note that the hold-press
technique can also be used for an easy jab + TU combo.  Also, there's no
reason to use the hold-press method if you're first button press isn't
related to the special technique.  Consider the combo below.

  |   press forward    \        --O  press fierce
  O                     O

This with give you a crouched forward + fireball combo, even if you use the
press-press.  The reason is that there's no way the release of the forward
button can be associated with the joystick motion.  |  \   --O  + forward
isn't a special move, so the computer ignores       O   O
the release.

By: T. Cannon           Feel free to repost, so long as this document is not
copyright 1993          altered in any way.  Send comments, suggestions, and
                        corrections to inkblot@leland.stanford.edu


03.  Many people talk about "ticking".  What are they talking about?

  Back in the early days of Classic, back before combos, back before Guile
was overpowering, back when even the best couldn't DP consistently (we're
talking about nearly _right_ after the game was released), there was a
rather large SF2 tournament in Iceland Bowl, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

  Guile won the tournament, and here's how:  He'd sit in defensive crouch
till he could knock you down with a flash-kick.  Once he did, it was jab-
jab throw.  You'd block the jabs, thinking you were safe, but would be
thrown anyway.  This was the first time anyone had seen anything like this,
so countering was all but impossible.  So, this Guile player, using only one
technique, breezed through _many_ (over 6) rounds of the tournament and won

  After the Guile's victory, there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth.
Because the technique was _literally_ inescapable at the time, the players
decided that it had to be some sort of over-sight on Capcom's part.  They
gave it a name, a tick.  Why tick?  'Cause that's the sound of the repeated
jabs right before you get thrown.  *tick tick HUUURRG!*  Once they'd named
it, it was immediately banned.  The house rules all over the city (not just
this arcade) suddenly became....

I. Tick your opponent and he gets a free hit (throw at first which later
   developed into combo) on you

II.  Tick to win a round and you forfiet the next round.

So, the original, formal definition of a 'tick' is throwing someone _right_
after they've blocked one of your attacks.  If you did this to a player in
Albuquerque, NM (even now), he'd be expecting to get a free hit on you.
ANYTHING else you do... fireball traps... sac-throwing... even magic
throwing (on Classic) is _not_ a tick under the original definition, so in
Albuquerque, it's O.K.   

  In a subsequent mail message, I found out that the jumping in attack in
which you make the opponent block then throw is a tick under this defini-
tion.  Just see the preceeding paragraph.  It says "throwing someone _right_
after they've blocked one of your attacks."  So this is a tick, but the
counter for it (ie sac-throw) is not.  Go figure, eh?   


04.  What is considered "cheap"?

  This is actually a tough one to answer.  Most people say something is
cheap is they can't seem to stop something that kills them.  Of course this
varies from place to place.  You would want to ask many local players what
they think.  Most things considered "cheap" are playing styles.  You might
constantly electrocute your opponent w/ Blanka, but he should have blocked.
Of you may grab the opponent w/ Honda, then pummel them with a HHS.  People
may not like this, and you might be called cheap for doing so.  One last
thing that may be considered cheap is jumping attacks then throwing.  This
is not uncounterable, but it may be difficult to see.  Here are some
examples of play styles that may be called "cheap":

  Fireball Traps      Cheesing them w/ Bison
        Grabbing then HHS w/ Honda  Electricity then bite w/ Blanka
  Zangief's SPD (not!)    Doing FB-DP all the time
    Playing keep away   Jumping all the time
  Picking Vega or Bison (!) Chun Li's flipping neck breaker

  More or less anything that people might find difficult or nearly
  impossible to defeat.  It might be annoying, but cries of cheap
  might be heard instead.  It might all be related to your skill level
  in the game as well, or how inventive you are.

  Most people say that "ticking" is cheap.  (See the question.)  This is so
because it is *easy* to execute and *impossible* to counter.  Now, for some
master players, this is not so since it is part of how they play against
each other (I play this way).  To the average player though, such things as
jumping a lot, making the opponent block all the time, waiting in the corner
after seriously damaging the opponent, etc. might be considered cheap.  It's
kind of a broad definition, depending on who you ask.  Just for the record,
I don't think that anything is cheap.  As your skills improve, your defini-
tion of cheap may or may not change.  It depends on how you play, where and
who you play against.  For all those concerned: this might be an opinion of
what cheap is.  Most importantly, it may be biased by where I play and who
I play against.  Ask who you play!   


05.  What is the "Touch of Death (TOD)" combo?

  In the original meaning of the word, it is a combo done with Ken that goes
like this:  You get the combo on them once, and they are dizzy, you do the
combo while they are dizzy, and then that is it, they are KO'd.  It's
meaning came about from one touch, and your dead.  Pretty effective combo,
and you'll see why...  It consists of three attacks, hitting usually three
times, but occasionally four times, and it involves the three most powerful
attacks that Ken possesses.  This is it:

1. Jump towards the opponent, hitting with late roundhouse/fierce attack.
2. As soon as you land, immediately follow-up with a standing fierce.  Do
   this along with pressing towards the opponent at the same instant.  You
   should not throw them; you normally have to take a step to do so.
3. Then buffer a Fierce Dragon Punch into the Fierce.  It may hit once, so
   a Jab or Strong DP may be substituted.  Four hits can connect if Fierce
   is used vs. the taller opponents and Dhalsim.  If you use a neck kick for
   the flying attack, you should not have problems getting four hits on most
   characters.  And the neck kick version can be used to bewilder the poor
   guy who is on the receiving end of this.  It can be easily countered by
   many characters, but if they fail if blocking at the right time, they
   will be at a huge disadvantage afterwards.

   (Note: the standing Fierce needn't be used.  You can easily switch this
   over to a crouching Fierce simply by going towards then down just as you
   are about to land, then quickly hit Fierce, then move to the diagonal and
   hit Fierce for the DP.)

The timing on this move is perhaps a bit confusing.  The hits go like this:
smack--smack-smack-smack (the 4th hit sometimes).  The button presses aren't
too different.  I go like this: press---press-press.  There has to be a
longer delay cuz you have to hit and then land.  Yes, the rest of the DP
motion has to be crammed into the small space, but if you have done the DP
hundreds of times, this shouldn't take long to learn.  If you encounter
problems, try to first learn a FB combo.  If you can do flying attack into
standing fierce/FB combo, just put a triple-DP combo in instead of the
press-press FB.  Read the buffering section, and then this will be a bit
clearer.  You have to see someone's hands perform the motion to really
understand how it goes.  Anyways, I hope that this is clearer than mud to
most of you...

  Other characters may have a "Touch of Death" combo, but they are not known
or are very difficult to pull off.  

** Information about the Versions **

01.  What are the different endings for the different versions?

  a. If you finish the game, you get to see your character's ending.
  b. If you finish the game on one quarter, without challenges,  you see the
     characters fight as credits roll by.
  c. Finish without challenges, or losing a round, it's the same as b, but
     you also see mugshots of the programmers.

  Better endings for each character, plus boss endings.  Same as for Classic
  except that if you do c, it shows the characters attack some of the
  various inanimate objects such as barrels and oil cans, etc.  Endings for
  the bosses are pretty generic.   

  Same as for Champion Edition.  The last shot is a platform showing the
    Win with Bison: #1 Bison, #2 Sagat, #3 Vega
    Win with Sagat: #1 Sagat, #2 Bison, #3 Vega
    Win with : #1 , #2 Bison, #3 Sagat
  Ryu does show up on the platform (sellout!), like his ending says he
  shouldn't.  I thought that the fight was all...   

  Level 0-2: Why don't you try the harder difficulty level?
  Level 3-5: Personalized ending for your character
  Level 6-7: Credits scroll across the screen as characters battle.
  Level 7: Beat the game without changing characters, a special showing the
           original eight warriors.
  Level 7: Don't use any continues, same as above, but all 12.
  Level 7: Don't lose a round, same as above.  Pushing start will make Chun
           Li's sound of "Ya Tai."  

  Level 0-2: Same as for regular on SNES
  Level 3-7: ???

  I only played this on the default and the hardest level.  The default was
incredibly easy, and the endings are like for the arcade HF.  The hardest
level is quite difficult, and it is easy to see how much the computer cheats
on everything (Sagat even throws you!).  There is a digital picture at the
end no matter how you finish, but I was unable to beat it without having to
continue at least once.


02.  What's the scoop on the versions of the game?

CLASSIC   Early 1991   $3500 new
  There are 4 versions of the original game, the differences are below:
  Version 1 and 2: Guile's bugs, no Dhalsim bugs, Ryu/Ken can destroy
    the car with roundhouse only.
  Version 3: Guile's and Dhalsim's bugs, no char vs. char.
  Version 4: No Guile bugs, Dhalsim's bugs though, char vs. char.
  This is the least balanced of the versions; Guile and Dhalsim were the
  most dominant.  This game is quite slow, the Dragon Punch did not have
  the knockdown capability among other things.

CHAMPION EDITION   Early 1992   $4000 new
  One version of this game.  It sports character vs. character, as well as
  the ability to play the boss characters.  Many graphical changes, as well
  as changes to the characters.  Each fighter has an additional uniform
  color.  The game is quite a bit (about 50%) faster than the Classic.
  The endings for the characters were revised with better graphics, and
  the bosses got generic endings...

TURBO/HYPER FIGHTING   Winter 1992   $500 upgrade
  The newest version gives each character a new uniform color along with
  the Classic colors.  Most characters are changed significantly enough
  so that the game is a bit difficult to catch on to.  Many new moves were
  added, most notable is the ability to do some moves in the air, and the
  new vertical attacks.  This game is 10%-25% faster than CE, depending on
  the prototype.  Some are slower, some faster.  There is an appended
  ending for each character.

SUPER NES   Summer 1992   $50-70 game
  This is very similar to the Classic version.  You can play char vs.
  char with a special code.  Bosses are also available with a third party
  device.  Most of the game is like Classic, but there are missing frames
  of animation, a lot less blood that the arcade, and the sound is not
  nearly as well done.  The characters are smaller in relation to the
  screen, and there may *slight* play differences as well.

SUPER NES TURBO  Summer 1993  $60-80 game
  Exactly like the arcade with a few easy to pick up tricks and what not.
  It is faster than the arcade on the normal setting, but everything comes
  off as normal.  The bonus stages are like the old SNES version.  Plus
  there is other stuff like on the SNES, and a way to get the game to go
  extremely fast...

SEGA GENESIS  Projected Fall 1993  $65-80(?) game
  This game will be like the Champion Edition.  One will be able to play
  all 12 of the World Warriors in this version and fight character vs.
  same in this game without the use of special codes or third party devices.
  I haven't had the opportunity to view the picture with a comb, but this
  is what I have picked up from what I have seen and heard:

  o  The characters are slightly larger than in the SNES version.
  o  The colors are lacking a bit in shading.
  o  There is a "scoreboard" if you will that contains all the life bars
     and scores, etc.  It has no background behind it, so it is a black
     band across the top with the info in it.
  o  There WILL be special six button controllers available for the game,
     including ones like the Arcade Power Stick and the regular Gen pad.
     It CAN be played with the 3-button standard, using the Start button
     to toggle between the punch and kick button functions.

  The above needs to be updated.

** Info on the home and PC versions **

01.  I've heard talk about a PC SF2.  What is it and where can I get it?

  It is an arguably legal/illegal version of the game for IBM compatibles.
The graphics appear to be taken from a Classic or Super NES version.  The
animation is somewhat choppy, and the reaction slow, but overall, a decent
hack.  It can be downloaded from various FTP sites across the nation.
Beware that certain FTP sites have banned this game from their archives.
It comes in many versions, with latest being 1.84 and 1.90.  Recently, there
have been many patches by individuals, rather than the creator of the game.
The best patch is the sf_rucky patch that fixes Dhalsim, and fixes some of
the bugs that had been bothering many players.  One of the other patches
returns the controls to the original arcade type, plus fixes several of the
throw bugs.  It also adds the teleportation move for Dhalsim.  Check the
index for the for the file that has the listing of the sites.  


02.  What is the character vs. same character code for the SNES?

  This code will allow you do play same char. vs. same char. with the
CE colors.  Nothing else.  No extra speed.  No playing the Boss characters,
and no extended DP for Ken :(.  Nothing new.  When you see the Capcom logo
appear on-screen, quickly do this: Down, Button R, Up, Button L, Button Y,
then Button B.  If the code works, you'll hear the same chime as if you
selected Game Start or V.S. Battle.   


03.  Can I play Balrog, Vega, Sagat, and M. Bison in SNES?

  All that can be said is that it is possible with the aid of another
device.  The Game Genie has a code that works , but it doesn't work quite
right.  The moves aren't done as they are in CE.  See the list of files
below for the files containing these codes.


04.  What are the Game Genie codes for SF2: SNES?  What do they do?

  They are too numerous to list here, but there is one very complete and
excellent file at the ftp site.  It is called codes.game-genie, it is
avaiable at the ftp site.  This file is updated as new codes are discover-
ed by the writers, so any new versions will be there.  If you are looking
for Game Action Replay codes, look for the file called codes.action-replay.


  Did we leave something out?  If so, then check the files list below, and
what you're looking for may be in one of them.  If you're not sure, e-mail
one of those guys listed at the beginning of the FAQ.  For some reason, I
think that they will know.  If it's not in one of the files, or questions,
and you think it should be included, e-mail the said persons and complain!
It will be taken care of.

** FTP Index **

  Here is a list of many, many files that have been pulled off the Net and
put into a directory at a local ftp site.  Some of it has not been posted,
such as a lame HF moves guide that Caine made :).  Below is this listing.
Some of the questions above refer here, so find the name of the file that
was referenced, and download it!  We hope that we haven't missed anything.
If you have any problems, comments, suggestions, etc., you know who to
contact.  This is an anonymous local ftp site: mrcnext.cso.uiuc.edu .  If
you don't know how to ftp a file, mail Caine, and he can get a file that
explains how to do so.  But, don't act so fast, read on...

  If you don't have ftp access from your site, you can use the ftpmail
server at .  For information, send an e-mail message to
, with the word 'help' as the only text in the
message body, and with no subject header.  You will get e-mail back telling
you how to use ftpmail.  If you have problems or questions concerning ftp-
mail, send e-mail to .

  This is the directory listing for the FTP site, mrcnext.cso.uiuc.edu.
Each file has a very brief desciption of what it is in it.  Hopefully,
there are no typos in the listings.  If you want any of the files, but
you are too lazy to FTP (you bum! :), then mail caine@mrcnext.cso.uiuc.edu
and state which file(s) you want.  DO NOT reply to this if it was posted!

FAQ       The Godlike FAQ listing version 4.48
HOW_TO_FTP      A guide on how to ftp (ironic, isn't it?)
INDEX       Yer lookin' at it!
OLD_FAQ.SS      The old vers. of the FAQ by Sinister Stairs
header        The header grafix for the FAQ
guides/       Strategy for each World Warrior
jpg/        JPG format pix of the SFer's
misc/       Misc stuff, interesting things, stories
other/        Moves lists, combos, throwing, etc.

balrog.3fist      Sheng Shou Fang for Balrog; Eu-Ming Lee
balrog.combos     Ming's Balrog combos
balrog.hf-hints.pjs   Trouble going from CE->HF /w Balrog?
balrog.mmsf     The long lost Balrog by MMSF
balrog.pjs          Stroffolino Balrog (newest) guide
balrog.strachman    CE Balrog guide
bison.mmsf      M. Bison by MMSF
blanka.cpu.ce     How to beat up CPU Blanka
blanka.falcon     Falcon's Blanka guide
blanka.mmsf     Blanka by MMSF
chunli.falcon     Falcon's Chun Li guide
chunli.mmsf     Chun Li by MMSF
chunli.rauser     Chun Li guide
chunli.vs-ken-ryu   Tips for defeating Ken/Ryu with Chun Li
dhalsim.ce.falcon   Falcon's Dhalsim for CE
dhalsim.ce.odom     Brian Odom's complete Dhalsim
dhalsim.falcon      Classic Dhalsim guide from Falcon Feather
dhalsim.mmsf      Dhalsim by MMSF
guile.falcon      Yet another Falcon guide; Guile
guile.flash-combos    Combos involving a buffered Flash Kick
guile.handcuffs-fake    Throw your opponent around like a yo-yo!
guile.hf.mmsf     HF Guile by MMSF (comments only)
guile.hints     Helpful hints for Charlie's pal
guile.mmsf      Guile by MMSF
guile.moves     Moves list for Guile, by Philips
guile.patterns      Crying Freeman's pattern Guile
guile.sb-rk-theory    Can you keep a RK charged after a SB?
guile.vs-blanka     How to beat Blanka w/ Guile
guile.vs-fb-trap    Incineration of Guile thread response
guile.vs-ken-ryu    Win vs. Ken or Ryu
honda.ce.maestas    Terminator's CE Honda.
honda.falcon      A guide for every taste, Falcon's Honda
honda.mmsf      E. Honda by MMSF
ken.hf.caine      HF/Turbo Ken guide (long)
ken.kray-z.euming   Eu-Ming's style guide to Kray-Z Ken
ken.mmsf      Ken by MMSF
ken.ryu.falcon      Classic strategy for Sheng Long's student's
ken.workbook.cannon   Get started with Ken, a beginner's guide
ryu.combos      Some good combos for Fireball master
ryu.mmsf      Ryu by MMSF
ryu.workbook.petit    CJ Petit want you to learn Ryu
sagat.cannon      Tom Cannon's start on a Sagat guide
sagat.mmsf      Sagat by MMSF
sagat.workbook.cannon   Learn Sagat w/ help from T. Cannon
vega.falcon     Falcon helps you with Spanish Fighter
vega.mmsf     Vega by MMSF
zangief.falcon      Falcon's tips for a Russian's conquest
zangief.jowfus      Justin Hogue's Zangief guide/HF updated
zangief.mmsf      Zangief by MMSF
zangief.vs-guile    Trash Guile w/ Zangief
zangief.vs-ken      Ram his head to the ground one last time

ryu_ken.jpg     Ryu and Ken standing back to back, JPEG fmt.
ken_chun.jpg      Ken in background, Chun Li in foreground, JPEG

prose/        Prose about the World Warriors
bg-signs      That sign, what's it say!?
capcom-address      The address of the big company
char.info     Info on all the World Warriors
char.martial-arts   What martial art does s/he practice?
char.quotes     CE/HF quotes for characters
ibm.ftp-sites     Listing of sites where SF2-IBM can be found
ibm.info      Info about IBM SF2 game
ibm.sprite-data     Info for sprites on the PC
mmsf-laughs     Cheap laughs from MMSF; response
music-cd      A music CD with songs for the Warriors
newbie.do-dont      Newbie pointers
pinball.rules     Stuff about the pinball game
ryus-belt     Close of his belt reveals...
strategy.4-chars.lee    Strategy for some of the fighters
strategy.general.falcon   Falcon's overview
tourn-rules     Capcom's tournament rules

addiction.cox     Are you an SF2 addict?
advice.cox      Guile/Chun Li/Vega/Ryu/Bison offer advice
balrog.cox      Balrog's beginnings
blanka.cox      Tale of the mutant man
bison.cox     "The Seed of Evil"
chunli.cox      Chun's early days
guile.cox     "Before" "Debts Unpaid" "Before III"
ken-ryu.cox     "A Lesson To Remember"
vega.cox      "The Drive For Perfection"

beginners.guide     A guide for beginners; recommended
bugs.classic      How to do Classic bugs
bugs.magic-throw    Details on the Magic Throw
ce.matchups     Ming's UIUC matchups listing
classic.ce.differences    Differences between the versions
classic.hf.differences    Discussion about how these are different
codes.action-replay     Game Action Replay codes
codes.game-genie    Huge Game Genie Codes list
codes.stats     Find out how many times  was played
combos.euming     General combos from Eu-Ming
combos.nishinaga    General combos from John Nishinaga
combos.prock      Andrew Prock's Beginner to Expert Combos
combos.shortlist    Short listing for a few characters
combos.strachman    Strachman's combo listing
combos.ticks.falcon   Falcon's combos and ticking guide
combos.workbook.cannon    Learn combos and buffering with T. Cannon
computerbehavior    The CPU's behavior pattern
dizziness     Any idea on how dizziness might work
landing-zone      Jumping in 'landing zone'?
moves.ce.sinister   Graphical CE moves listing version 2.1
moves.hf.axl      Move list for HF by Axl (not Rose)
moves.hf.caine      Abbreviated special moves listing for HF
moves.hf.graph      Graphical HF moves listing
moves.hf.mac.rich.hqx   A Mac format HF/CE/Classic guide
moves.hf.mac.rich.readme  Read this file before you get the actual...
snes.faq      Common questions about SNES version
snes.sounds     Sound ID list for SNES version
throws.art-of     Art Of Throwing; Eu-Ming Lee; A MUST
throws.counter      Counter Throwing; Eu-Ming; MUST HAVE
throws.speed      The old throw "speed" debate; an idea

  If you have something, and you think it should be added to the list, post
it to alt.games.sf2 only or mail it to one of us.  We'll know what to do
with it.


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