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10-Yard Fight Dip Switch Settings and Pinouts

10-Yard Fight Dip Switch Settings and Pinouts

10-Yard Fight Pinouts

  COMP SIDE                              CKT SIDE
 -----------                            -----------
  A   GND                                1   GND
  B   GND                                2   GND
  C                                      3
  D   CTR A                              4
  E   PL1 LEFT                           5   PL2 LEFT
  F   PL1 RIGHT                          6   PL2 RIGHT
  H   PL1 SIDE PASS                      7   PL2 SIDE PASS
  J   2 START                            8   1 START
  K                                      9   CTR B
  L   COIN B                            10   SYNC
  M   +12V                              11   +12V
  N   +12V                              12   +12V
  P   SP-                               13   SP+
  R   PL1 FORWARD PASS                  14   PL2 FORWARD PASS
  S   VID RED                           15   VID GN
  T   VID BL                            16 
  U   PL2 UP                            17   PL2 DOWN
  V   PL1 UP                            18   PL1 DOWN
  W   SVC                               19   COIN A
  X   +5V                               20   +5V
  Y   +5V                               21   +5V
  Z   GND                               22   GND

10-Yard Fight Dip Switch Settings

  DIP SW 1   1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8
             ON                                      VS EXTENDED PLAY
             OFF                                     NO VS EXTEND
                  ON                                 DEFENSIVE MAN PAUSE
                  OFF                                NO PAUSE
                       OFF  OFF                      NORMAL    BALL DEAD
                       ON   OFF                      X 1.3     FALLING
                       OFF  ON                       X 1.5     DOWN      
                       ON   ON                       X 1.8     TIMER
                                                     COIN/CREDIT MODE 2
                                 OFF  OFF            1/1        COIN 1
                                 ON   OFF            2/1          |
                                 OFF  ON             3/1          |
                                 ON   ON             FREE PLAY    |
                                           OFF  OFF  1/2        COIN 2
                                           ON   OFF  1/3          |
                                           OFF  ON   1/5          |
                                           ON   ON   1/6          |
                                 OFF  OFF  OFF  OFF  1/1        MODE 1
                                 ON   OFF  OFF  OFF  2/1
                                 OFF  ON   OFF  OFF  3/1
                                 ON   ON   OFF  OFF  4/1
                                 OFF  OFF  ON   OFF  5/1
                                 ON   OFF  ON   OFF  6/1
                                 OFF  OFF  OFF  ON   1/2
                                 ON   OFF  OFF  ON   1/3
                                 OFF  ON   OFF  ON   1/4
                                 ON   ON   OFF  ON   1/5

  DIP SW 2   1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8

             X                                       SCREEN FLIP
                  ON                                 UPRIGHT
                  OFF                                TABLE

                       ON                            COIN MODE 2
                       OFF                           COIN MODE 1

                            ON                       SLOW MOTION SPEED
                            OFF                      NORMAL SPEED

                                 ON                  FREEZE SCREEN  

                                      OFF            NO LEVEL ADVANCE

                                           ON        NO DEATH MODE

                                                ON   TEST