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Battlezone and the US Army (Army Battlezone) Submitted by Unknown (John Grigsby?)

Warren Ernst (wernst@crl.com) wrote:
: Ok, so i'm reading over the "history" section of the Microsoft Arcade 
: Battlezone Help file, which has a blurb about a specially modified 
: version of BZ that went directly to the US Army. It goes on to say that 
: "the realism had been cranked up nicely."

: Similarly, KLOV makes mention of this Army version in the Battlezone 
: listing as well.

: So, has anyone seen this critter? Better yet, does anyone here OWN one of 
: these? How about a description of one?

: What were the "realism enhancements"? Were the case or controls different? 
: Did it go by a different name? What sort of enemies did you fight? Is the 
: boardset compatible with a regular Battlezone case?

This was taken from the newsgroup last year.  I believe the author is
John Grigsby if you decide to contact him.  He is about the only person
I've ever heard of who has actually seen one of these machines.

Newsgroups: rec.games.video.arcade.collecting
From: grigsby@acid.agames.com (JUMP IN THE FIRE)
Subject: "Military" Battlezone
Date: Thu, 15 Dec 1994 00:08:00 GMT

> Regarding Battlezone I read in microsoft arcade classics that 8000 units 
> of the special military type were manufactured. 

The actual figure is two (2).  There is one extant, somewhere in storage 
here at Atari (Games, not Corp.)  It was actually hooked up and running
earlier this year.  The cabinet is a Battlezone cabinet with a hand-drawn
"Bradley Trainer" marquee and some silkscreened stars on the side.  The
controllers look like two sets of Star Wars grips with more buttons (one
on the cabinet, one attached someplace else) and there are a bunch of buttons
and dials on the lower part of the spectator windows.

It's not much fun as a game -- it's basically a targeting exercise. Kind
of a neat piece of history, tho.  They had to dig dead mice out of the
cabinet to get it running...