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Black Widow pinouts

Black Widow pinouts (Atari, 1983)

Submitted by Franklin Bowen (mjrhavoc@clark.net or tfbowen@ingr.com)

Pinouts for "Black Widow" (Atari, 1983)
2/13/96  Changed `-SENSE (-5V)' to `-SENSE (GND)'

P20: 44-pin edge connector

        component side        solder side
        --------------        -----------
                   GND  A  1  GND
                   +5V  B  2  +5V
                        C  3  +22 VDC
                        D  4  -22 VDC
              10.3 VDC  E  5
          COIN LOCKOUT  F  6  COIN CTR R
            COIN CTR L  H  7  P1 LED
                P2 LED  J  8  FIRE UP
             FIRE DOWN  K  9  FIRE LEFT
            FIRE RIGHT  L 10
              P1 START  M 11  P2 START
                SW GND  N 12  SW GND
                        P 13
               CABINET  R 14  SLAM
              AUX COIN  S 15
             SELF TEST  T 16  COIN L
                COIN R  U 17
                        V 18
                        W 19
                        X 20
                   +5V  Y 21  +SENSE (+5V)
                   GND  Z 22  -SENSE (GND)

P19: 24-pin edge connectoor

        component side        solder side
        --------------        -----------
                 X OUT  A  1  X GND
                 Y OUT  B  2  Y GND
                        C  3  MOVE RIGHT
                        D  4  MOVE LEFT
               MOVE UP  E  5  MOVE DOWN
                        F  6
               RED GND  H  7  RED
             GREEN GND  J  8  GREEN
              BLUE GND  K  9  BLUE
                        L 10
             AUDIO GND  M 11  AUDIO 2
                        N 12  AUDIO 1

- For testing purposes, Gravitar boards can be plugged directly into
  a Black Widow harness.  If you want to actually play the game, you
  just have to rewire the control panel, as all required pins are
  already present in the harness.