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Document Title: [BluePrint.txt (text file)]

From: kmahan@raptor.USG.Sandy.Novell.COM (Kurt Mahan)
Subject: Blue Print Pinouts/Switch Settings
Date: 21 Apr 1995 16:24:44 GMT


                                 Dip Switch 1

                                         1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8

Not Used                                 OFF  

Bonus Players Awarded
  One man at 20,000 points                    ON   ON
  One man at 20,000 points                    OFF  ON
  One man at 60,000 points                    ON   OFF
  One man at 80,000 points                    OFF  OFF

Normal/Free Play
  Free Play                                             OFF
  Normal Play                                           ON

Maze Monster
  Appears in 2nd maze                                        ON
  Appears in 3rd maze                                        OFF

Coins Per Credit

  1 coin  - 1 credit                                              ON
  2 coins - 1 credit                                              OFF

Not Used                                                               OFF  OFF

                                 Dip Switch 2

                                         1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8

Players Per Credit
  2 Men Per Credit                       ON   ON
  3 Men Per Credit                       OFF  ON
  4 Men Per Credit                       ON   OFF
  5 Men Per Credit                       OFF  OFF

Not Used                                           OFF

Cabinet Style 
  Upright/Mini                                          ON
  Cocktail                                              OFF

Difficulty Level:
  1                                                          ON   ON
  2                                                          OFF  ON
  3                                                          ON   OFF
  4                                                          OFF  OFF

Not Used                                                               OFF  OFF
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