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Document Title: [CrazyClimber.txt (text file)]

        Crazy Climber - DIPswitch settings:

                SW1        SW2        SW3        SW4        SW5        SW6        SW7        SW8

3 Climbers      OFF        OFF
4 Climbers      ON         OFF
5 Climbers      OFF        ON
6 Climbers      ON         ON

Extra at 30K                          OFF
Extra at 50K                          ON

Normal Op.                                       OFF
Test patterns                                    ON

1 coin/1 play                                               OFF        OFF
2 coins/1 play                                              ON         OFF
3 coins/1 play                                              OFF        ON
4 coins/1 play                                              ON         ON

coin play                                                   OFF        OFF
FREE PLAY                                                   ON         ON

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