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Document Title: [DiscsOfTron.txt (text file)]

Disc of Tron
By Bally Midway
(c) 1983

Option Switch Settings

Switch No. 1 - At B 3 - Located on sound I/O P.C. board

Switch		   1	2	3	4	5	6	7	8	9	10
During game play:  na	na	na	na	na	na		na	na
Upright / Mini							ON
Cocktail								OFF
Freeze Video										ON
Normal 											OFF

Switch No. 3 - At D 14 - Located on sound I/O P.C. board

Switch		  1	2	3	4
Normal 		OFF
Sound I/O Diag.	ON
Normal			OFF
RAM/ROM Test		ON	(Indicates test results via yellow LED on I/O board
				 Fast Flash = bad ROM - Slow Flash = bad RAM)
Normal				OFF
Oscillator Test			ON
Normal					OFF
Filter Test				ON

Note: SW#2 has no effect if SW#1 is in the OFF position