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Document Title: [Eagle-.txt (text file)]

Centuri, 1980
                            Option Switch Settings
                             At least my version*
                             DIP Switch Settings
 1   2   3   4   5   6    Option
                          Replay (Three more ships but at a hard level)
                          ------ (and you keep your current score)
Off                       30,000
On                        50,000
                          Docking Instructions
    Off                   Japanese
    On                    English
                          Number of Coins
        Off Off           1 (25 cents)
        Off On            2 (50 cents)
        On  Off           3 (75 cents)
        On  On            4 (1 dollar)
                          Credits Per Coin
                Off Off   1 Coin  1 Credit   
                On  Off   1 Coin  2 Credits (This setting does the same as off off)
                Off On    1 Coins 3 Credits (This setting does the same as off off)
                On  On    Free Play
off=down - on=up

Switches 3 and 4 are only used as described if ROMs 1, 6, and 10 have
been changed.  In order to use the settings for SW3 and SW4, either SW5 or
SW6 must be off.  If both SW5 and SW6 are on, the game is set for free play.

Extra Note:
The Eagle listing I modified this from had some settings wrong. I don't know if it was
an oversight on the author or if we have diffrent revision boards. My Eagle has the
new chip set. As a result I can change up to 4 quarters per credit. BUT, I lose the
2 & 3 credits per coin that would really be nice.
Also, in my manual, it shows graphics that are older. Mine are cute little birds and
things that move their heads. Maybe I have a newer one. I have no idea how to check.
My Address  dhusby@intergate.bc.ca  (Valid as of Aug. 96 and should be around for