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Document Title: [EmpireStrikesBack.txt (text file)]

Empire Strikes Back (Atari, 1985)
Switch Settings for Game Play Options:
Settings of 8-toggle switch of Star Wars game PCB (at 10D)
1     2     3    4    5    6    7   8   options
Off  On                                2 starting shields
On   On                                3 starting shields
Off  Off                               4 starting shields *
On   Off                               5 starting sheilds
           On   Off                    Easy game play
           Off  Off                    Moderate gaem play
           On   On                     Hard game play *
           Off  On                     Hardest game play
                      Off On           Level JEDI Letter Mode
                      On  Off          Increment Only JEDI Letter Mode
                      On  On           Level Only JEDI Letter Mode
                      Off Off          Increment JEDI Letter Mode *
                                On     No music in Attract mode
                                Off    Music in Attract mode
                                    On Freeze Mode
                                   Off Normal game play *
I am assuming that the other 8-toggle switch that controls coin/settings
is used in the same manner as it is in Star Wars.  Ditto for the 4-toggle
switch for coin counter stuff.