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Forgotten Realms strategy and cheats

Forgotten Realms strategy and cheats

Submitted by David Hsu

If you are playing 2 player, when you get to the boss in the boat-like contraption which has gravity wells, guns, falling pointy things, if both of you are on the right wall (which blocks you from the boss), one person can shove the other thru the wall so that you can't be attacked by any of the things on the other side (named above).

There are several sections where one can go either up or down depending upon which barrier is shot first (top or bottom). If you shoot the bottom one both times, I believe that is the path with more points, though it can be harder.

On one of these, there is a section where there are a lot of pudding-like slime things. Anyways, right before you leave that little maze and go out into the open to meet the boss, you can duck thru the wall and there is another store which you can buy lots of stuff from. You might have to move back and forth a little before you trigger the store to pop up (you can't see it, you just have to run into it). It is inside the bottom wall.

On the other path on which you can go down (the 2nd one), lots of guns which when pointed towards each other form a beam. You can shoot these little guns and each one that blows up becomes the biggest coin (zenny).

On the final level (going vertically), you occasionally run into gun emplacements where there are alcoves directly across on the other side. If you enter these alcoves and shoot, big coins will appear.

You can also shoot on some of the ledges that appear (hit the corner next to the wall) and stuff like power-ups and armor will appear.