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Gauntlet 68010 Memory Map

Function                           Address        R/W  DATA
Program ROM/Operating System       000000-00FFFF  R    D0-D15
Program ROM/SLAPSTIC               038000-03FFFF  R    D0-D15
Program ROM/Main                   040000-07FFFF  R    D0-D15
Spare RAM                          800000-801FFF  R/W  D0-D15

EEPROM                             802001-802FFF  R/W  D7-D0

Player 1 Input (See detail below)  803001         R    D0-D71
Player 2 Input                     803003         R    D0-D7
Player 3 Input                     803005         R    D0-D7
Player 4 Input                     803007         R    D0-D7

Player Inputs:
  Joystick Up                                          D7
  Joystick Down                                        D6
  Joystick Left                                        D5
  Joystick Right                                       D4
  Spare                                                D3
  Spare                                                D2
  Fire                                                 D1
  Magic/Start                                          D0

VBLANK (Active Low)                803009         R    D6
Outbut/Buffer Full (@803170)       803009         R    D5
 (Active High)
Input/Buffer Full (@80300F)        803009         R    D4
 (Active High)
Self-Test (Active Low)             803009         R    D3

Read Sound Processor (6502)        80300F         R    D0-D7

Watchdog (128 msec. timeout)       803100         W    xx

LED-1 (Low On)                     803121         W    D0
LED-2 (Low-On)                     803123         W    D0
LED-3 (Low On)                     803125         W    D0
LED-4 (Low On)                     803127         W    D0
Sound Processor Reset (Low Reset)  80312F         W    D0

VBlank Acknowledge                 803140         W    xx
Unlock EEPROM                      803150         W    xx
Write Sound Processor (6502)       803171         W    D0-D7

Playfield RAM                      900000-901FFF  R/W  D0-D15
Motion Object Picture              902000-9027FF  R/W  D0-D15
Motion Object Horizontal Position  902800-902FFF  R/W  D0-D15
Motion Object Vertical Position    903000-9037FF  R/W  D0-D15
Motion Object Link                 903800-903FFF  R/W  D0-D15
Spare RAM                          904000-904FFF  R/W  D0-D15
Alphanumerics RAM                  905000-905FFF  R/W  D0-D15

Playfield Vertical Scroll          905F6E,905F6F  R/W  D7-D15
Playfield ROM Bank Select          905F6F         R/W

Color RAM Alpha                    910000-9101FF  R/W  D0-D15
Color RAM Motion Object            910200-9103FF  R/W  D0-D15
Color RAM Playfield Shadow         910400-9104FF  R/W  D0-D15
Color RAM Playfield                910500-9105FF  R/W  D0-D15
Color RAM (Spare)                  910600-9107FF  R/W  D0-D15

Playfield Horizontal Scroll        930000,930001  W    D0-D8

NOTE: All addresses can be accessed in byte or word mode.


Function                                  Address     R/W  Data
Program RAM                               0000-0FFF   R/W  D0-D7
Write 68010 Port (Outbut Buffer)          1000        W    D0-D7
Read 68010 Port (Input Buffer)            1010        R    D0-D7

Audio Mix:
 Speech Mix                               1020        W    D5-D7
 Effects Mix                              1020        W    D3,D4
 Music Mix                                1020        W    D0-D2

Coin 1 (Left)                             1020        R    D3
Coin 2                                    1020        R    D2
Coin 3                                    1020        R    D1
Coin 4 (Right)                            1020        R    D0

Data Available (@ 1010) (Active High)     1030-1030   R    D7
Output Buffer Full (@1000) (Active High)  1030        R    D6
Speech Ready (Active Low)                 1030        R    D5
Self-Test (Active Low)                    1030        R    D4

Music Reset (Low Reset)                   1030        W    D7
Speech Write (Active Low)                 1031        W    D7
Speech Reset (Active Low)                 1032        W    D7
Speech Squeak (Low = 650KHz Clock)        1033        W    D7
Coin Counter Right (Active High)          1034        W    D7
Coin Counter Left (Active High)           1035        W    D7

Effects                                   1800-180F   R/W  D0-D7
Music                                     1810-1811   R/W  D0-D7
Speech                                    1820        W    D0-D7
Interrupt Acknowledge                     1830        R/W  xx

Program ROM (48K bytes)                   4000-FFFF   R    D0-D7