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Ghosts 'N Goblins Story and How-to-play

Ghosts 'N Goblins Story and How-to-play

Submitted by Martin Hobt (mjh@mmsb.harz.de)

"The princess of a certain peaceful country is abducted by a messenger from hades and a knight who loves the princess leaves for hades to rescue her.

However, to rescue the princess, the knight must pass through six gates guarded by satan's generals to reach hades. Of course there are also demons that attack the knight between the six gates. The knight has five kinds of weapons which he uses skillfully to destroy the attacking demons and advance into hades. The knight needs your help to rescue the princess and escape from hades so test your skill!"

  1. Zombies waiting in cemetery.
  2. Weapons in the enemy's pot.
  3. The demon general "Ikakku" waiting at the first gate.
  4. Giants guarding the area.
  5. A particularly strong demon.
  6. The dragon at the third gate.
  7. Watch for flames that shoot up from the sea of fire!
  8. This is the crucial moment - climb!
Destroy satan and escape from hades with the princess. However, there is a time limit.

Jump or squat to avoid the attacking demons, or throw weapons to destroy them.


The weapons are in some of the pot held by the demons. If You can seize the weapon from the pot, your weapon will change:

                Spear: This is the normal weapon.
                Sword: You can jump faster.
                Torch: You can destroy the enemy with fire.
              Hatchet: Destroy the enemy below whil descending from a jump.
                Cross: Although the throwing distance is short,
                       it can destroy the enemy's bullets.

Win bonus points by seizing these items:

(Taken from a local operator's pile of dusty manuals in 8/95. Feel free to send additions like locations of hidden things to me, I'll add them to this text. - last change of document: 30. Aug. '95 -