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Document Title: [Guzzler.txt (text file)]

Guzzler (Centuri 1983)

8P Dip Switch

coin  play  sw5  sw6  sw7  sw8  coin switch #
1     1               off  off
1     2               on   off  2
1     3               off  on
1     6               on   on
1     1     off  off
2     1     on   off            1
1     2     off  on
1     3     on   on

number of guzzlers   sw1   sw1
3                    off   off
4                    on    off
5                    off   on
free play (64)       on    on

bonus points               extra guzzler       sw3    sw4
30,000 and every 100,000   one                 off    off
20,000 and every  50,000   one                 on     off
30,000 only                one                 off    on
no bonus points            none                on     on

dip switch B (4P dip switch)

off     table
on      upright

10 letters can be registered                          off
3  letters and final round number can be registered   on

play difficulty
SW3  SW4
off  off  easy
on   off  average
off  on   hard
on   on   difficult